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  3. Sunday, 08 May 2016
Hi it would be great if quick2cart integrated with Armorpayments Escrow for managing payment flow between customers and vendors. i.e customer Money and vendor Product Guarantee, customer Deposit money in escrow account then vendor ship the product after receive product customer release funds to vendor:)

it helps to generate trust among both customers and vendors.
They provide lots of feature like dispute management between sellers and customers, in-built shipment tracking and lots more :)

They have simple pricing plans minimum $10 or 1.5% of the payment value

it would also great if quick2cart admin has option for what minimum amount Armorpayments Escrow comes into play i.e for Order less than $200 no armorpayments only inbuilt payment system

I would like to purchase quick2cart once it has escrow system :)

They provide RESTful APIs and php library Click here .

I think i it is not big deal for seasoned techjoomla developers to integrate this with quick2cart

Currently there are lots of multivendor solutions based on different CMS. and no one provide escrow system :( One of most needy feature for multivendor environment

But if quick2cart integrate this, it make quick2cart simply light years a head from other's :D

Others user whose also want this feature please vote this Thread :)