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  1. Mel Brum
  2. JGive
  3. Monday, 04 January 2016

I have just installed JGive 1.8.5 and would like to submit the following feature requests:

1. Ability to display the search, and filter fields at the top of the Pins layout (as per Blog layout)
2. Module for search and filter so we can place it in our own positions
3. A back button - when a user clicks on a campaign then wants to go back to the front page, there is no option to do this. In the box that displays at the top of the open campaign page, it would be good to have a back button (where you currently have the Category and share buttons) or another link that takes you back to the main menu link and clears all filters (it currently displays the last filter)
4. Option to have the Sort, Quick Search and Categories side menus in Pins layout as modules so we can better integrate them with our chosen template
5. Ability to be able to submit a donation without the need to make a payment (we only need users to be able to register the amount they want to donate and this will be collected at a later date) so an option to switch this off would be ideal
6. If option 4 is not doable, then it would be good to be able to add the missing menu items Create a new campaign, Dashboard link etc. to the existing side menu, otherwise, having to include these in a separate sidebar module takes up valuable space that could be used to display more pins/blogs on the page. It looks odd with 2 menus
7. Integration with JMailalerts

Kind regards