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  1. Mel Brum
  2. Quick2Cart
  3. Wednesday, 23 December 2015

I need to add a couple of my own fields to Jgive but cannot see a way to do this. I see something called TJfields installed, and have taken a look at it but there is nothing in there other than Test - show hide.

Where do i create new fields and change existing ones i.e. address details?

Some questions/feature requests:

1. Is it possible to add the Jomsocial send message button to the Promoters details page (rather than displaying an external email address? We need an instant way for Investors to register their interest in a project before they actually decide to donate.

2. Ability to search/filter for Donors/Potential investors who are looking for opportunities (ideally using Jomsocials profile/search

3. Option to add the images and videos to the promotor's jomsocial videos and photo galleries (or even better, ability to select the video and photos from Jomsocial)

Kind regards