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  1. Vlad
  2. JTicketing
  3. Saturday, 15 February 2014
Hi, all. If you are planning on using the PayPal adaptive payment system with jTicketing, the new release by techjoomla only provides you as admin to take your Fee from the Event Organizer.

But, from many prospective, it's much better if there was an option to take that Fee from Ticket Buyer (like may online ticketing companies do). This will also be very attractive to Event Organizers as they will occur No Fees from you (site admin) -- (only their own paypal fees).

So the feature I'd like to suggest for the upcoming Adaptive payments release (from techjoomla) to have the following option implemented for the Event Organizer (when he sets up an event):

* Charge our fee to: [x] Buyer or [ ] You (Event Organizer).

I'd really like to see that feature asap, so If many people agree, let's all vote for that and ask techjoomla to do it. I'm even ready to buy a some sort of PRO Version of jTicketing and pay a bit more.