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SocialAds 2.7.5 Beta 4 out for testing

Hello all,

With many minor bug fixes along with the bug fixes for bugs reported in previous 2.7.5 beta 3 version we have released SocialAds 2.7.5 beta 4.

The major changes in this include "click tracking support" for both flash ads and video ads.  We need a feedback from you guys specially for IE broswers testing. Given below are changelog and release notes for this version.

Following bugs are FIXed in this release:
Bug #11786 On manage ad view - gif, video, flash ad can not be edited
Bug #11784 Avoid loading FLOWPLAYER & SWFOBJECT javascripts more than once
Bug #11778 Avoid loading social integration javascripts more than once
Bug #11782 Not working- Click tracking for video ads
Bug #11779 Not working- Click tracking for flash ads
Bug #10538 When undo "ignore ad", the ad is not seen again. Need to refresh the page

And many minor fixes.

Release notes

Flash/Video Ads
- Click tracking for flash/video ads is added
- All flash/video ads are auto played
- While creating a 'video ad', if you are not able to see a video ad preview, press "control + f5" and try uploading video again.
(video ads preview tested in latest firefox, chrome and safari browsers)

Known issues-
- While creating new video ad, if you try switching between layouts from same zone video oreview is not seen (but video will get uploaded and displayed in module).
- While creating new flash/video ad, zone dimensions are ignored in preview (but flash/video ad will follow zone dimensions when displayed in module).

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