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Posted by on in jGive
JGive 1.7! Coming Soon!

JGive! A premium crowdfunding extension for Joomla! which is getting into a new era starting this release. After much thought out process and keeping all the necessary most asked features in mind we have come up with a roadmap for JGive 1.7 .

What all is coming in JGive 1.7?

  1. Campaign promotion using invitex
  2. Campaign Specific Video gallery
  3. Quick Donation
  4. Easyprofile  community Integration

Our existing JGive subscribers have been waiting for these features to come in. We will be making this release somewhere by the end of  1st week of June.

All the features will be explained in detail with screenshots and an updated demo so that you can experience them on release date. Stay tuned for more updates!

 Buy JGive Now!               Checkout JGive with JSN-Fidem!

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Posted by on in Discounts, Promotions & Offers
Techjoomla with ReadBytes Celebrates PayPlans 4th Anniversary!

PayPlans by ReadyBytes is a Joomla! membership software for selling your services online & provides automatic subscription and effortless billing management. We have always recommended PayPlans to our customers plus we have some great integrations with them too !

As part of the celebration, the awesome guys at ReadyBytes have offered to give a cool 30% OFF on PayPlans subscriptions !!

 You need to be logged in to view the coupon code

Coupon Code:  

 Did you know Invitex is tightly integrated with PayPal?

Invitex integrates seamlessly with PayPlans. It provides functionality to restrict users to send limited invitations according to plan subscribed (Invitation as a part of registration support for Payplans registration process). Now, this is something we all want right?

What are you waiting for guys? Hurry!! The offer expires on 18th May!

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Posted by on in People suggest

Hi there,

We have released an update for People suggest. We have fixed some bugs from v1.4.4. We suggest you to upgrade to this version. Checkout the change log given below.

Bugs Fixed :

#44059: Fatal error: Class 'TjAkeebaStrapper' not found in plugins/community/recommendfriend/recommendfriend.php on line 19.Support for latest techjoomla straaper

#39490: If integration is set to Easysocial, and Site is set to SEF the ?itemid=0 variable is getting appended to profile URLs of suggested users

#39489: "1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND state = 1' at line 1 SQL=SELECT target_id FROM rtovi_social_friends WHERE actor_id= AND state = 1"

#39488: Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/components/com_comprofiler/plugin/language/default_language/default_language.php' inadministrator/

#35737: Fatal error: Cannot use object of type JRegistry as array in /modules/mod_people_suggest/helper.php on line 374


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Posted by on in Joomla
Joomla Extension Devs ! Not using Joomla Update can cost you and your users !

 Not using the native Joomla Update mechanism could be a Major security issue as newer Joomla users are seen to be relying more and more on the active method to keep track of updates. Not having the latest version of extensions can be a major security issue as users might keep using old insecure versions without knowing that a new update has been released.

We did a survey and this is what we found out:

  • Newer Joomla users are very much a Joomla 3 generation.
  • They have become one with the usability in Joomla 3 and expect consistency across extensions in the same
  • They trust the update mechanism to tell them about all new updates in Joomla core as well as extensions.

With Joomla 2.5 EOL happening months ago, this throws some really good insight into new user behavior and Joomla extension developers need to adapt quickly to risk of being left behind.


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Posted by on in JBolo
“JBolo 3.2” Now with Message Sync!

JBolo 3.2 gets you the most awaited feature of message synchronization with JomSocial and EasySocial. People will be able to see their chats on the messenger and in the message inbox just the way it happens on Facebook, isn’t that fantastic? So, all the JomSocial and EasySocial users will be tempted to hit the Buy Button now. ;)

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Posted by on in Announcements
Announcing Joomla Pro! Think beyond Joomla!

Top Joomla! extension developers from all over the world have joined hands to get this fantastic CMS out. This is a Pro version of Joomla! Everything is same when it comes to developing extensions for Joomla! or developing extensions for Joomla Pro!

The only difference is its features. These developers have some gifted abilities to see beyond Joomla! With these abilities and endless coding efforts they’ve got us some exciting features giving birth to Joomla Pro!

Unbelieveable feature list

Awesome Spam Protection

Joomla Pro’s Face Recognition is tough on bots and easy on humans, which is replacing google’s reCaptcha from Joomla 3.4. You just have to make sure that your webcam is on that’s it.

Drag & Drop Frontend

Play between modules and the articles. If you are logged in to the site as a SuperAdmin account you can simply edit the content from frontend and drag and drop the article/module wherever you want. It will be easier if you have a touch sensitive screen!


User Friendly

Joomla Pro! comes with 9 different responsive templates and 4 admin templates which are compatible with Bootstrap 3.3.4. Out of the box UI/UX!

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Posted by on in Jticketing
JTicketing 1.6 adds EasySocial events!

EasySocial and JTicketing subscribers, time to reJoice. JTicketing a premium event ticketing solution for Joomla is now seamlessly integrated with EasySocial with JTicketing 1.6

We bring you  EasySocial Events integration which means you can start selling tickets and get all the cool JTicketing features for EasySocial events too!

We introduce an awesome event Calendar view for JTicketing events which gives you a nice snapshot of what’s happening in the month and navigate events from a calendar perspective.

It doesn't end here. There’s quite a few more features in this release as well as bug fixes. Please read on and discover what all we have in store for you!

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Posted by on in Shika - LMS for Joomla
Shika! Marching towards stability!

Its not been a really long time after Beta 9 and we are already out with Shika Beta 10 for you. Our developers have made efforts to fix most of the issues assigned by our very own Early Adopters as well as some important issues which were needed to be fixed on priority, crossing 80+ bug fixes. :) 

View the entire Change Log

Since, Shika’s stable release is just a stone’s throw away, you guys should make sure that you avail the 42% Early Adopter Discount! 

Who is an Early Adopter?

Early Adopters are the ones who buy Shika Beta at $399.99!

Advantages of being an Early Adopter

  • You get a chance to experience the product and support at a much lower price.
  • Your subscription date will start once the stable release is out.
  • Your subscription will be directly upgraded to 12 months Professional of Shika!

Experience Shika on the Demo!           Be an Early Adopter Now!              Wait for Stable release & buy later at $699.99

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Posted by on in Quick2cart

Hey Guys,

This is a critical release which will help you to reduce JS conflicts on your site and some bug fixes. Quick2cart is now compatible with Joomla! 3.4.

However, if you are going to use it with Joomla! 3.4 make sure you go through this documentation carefully.


Buy Quick2cart Now!

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Posted by on in SocialAds
SocialAds v3.0.7.2 is out !

Hey All,

We have another release of SocialAds version out for active subscribers. This release addresses various bugs reported in previous version. Check the change log given below for more details.

Change Log : 

- Bugs Fixes.

  • Bug #40681: UI - issue for graphs on ad summary
  • Bug #40680: Fatal error - Mysql error for social targeted ads

  • Bug #40679: Fatal error on importfields view

 Buy SocialAds

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