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Posted by on in Techjoomla Labs
How to get ‘btn-group’ buttons in plain html!

We all know how to get those nice colored buttons for Radio form field type, its by adding class="btn-group” in the xml argument for that field.

There can be an exception to this, if you are not able to have a form field in your view? And you still crave for those nice colored buttons?

Here is how you can have those buttons with some plain HTML, CSS and bootstrap!

Following is a sample HTML for a radio field for yes no option which, you will need in your layout file.

		$field_radio2 = $field_radio2_label='';
<div class="input-append yes_no_toggle">
	<input type="radio" name="field_name" id="field_radio1" value="1" <?php echo $field_radio1;?>  >
	<label class="first btn <?php echo $field_radio1_label;?>" type="button" for="field_radio1"><?php echo JText::_('COM_EXT_YES');?></label>
	<input type="radio" name="field_name" id="field_radio2" value="0" <?php echo $field_radio2;?>  >
	<label class="last btn <?php echo $field_radio2_label;?>" type="button" for="field_radio2"><?php echo JText::_('COM_EXT_NO');?></label>




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Posted by on in Email Beautifier
Email Beautifier 1.6.2 is out!

v1.6.2 Change Log

#47308 Wrong task names taken from input variables leads to wrong template selection

^ Other Improvements
Improved integration with J!MailAlerts plugins

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Posted by on in Techjoomla Labs
How to create widgets for your Shika user dashboard?

In the process of making Shika's user dashboard more user friendly we have made some major changes by adding new widgets to the dashboard. With this you can now build your own widgets and give your users the freedom to choose which widgets he/ she wants to be shown on the dashboard.

We have created a new table #__tjlms_dashboard which contains all the widgets per users. If the users has not set any widgets to be shown or is using the default dashboard, basic dashboard plugins will be shown.

For Shika 1.0, user will not be able to select the widget and hence only the basic widget will be shown. This feature will be implemented in version 1.1.

Here is how it works!

You will need to create a plugin of type tjlmsdashboard

 Have a look at the basic structure.

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Posted by on in Quick2cart



 We have released Quick2Cart version 2.3.1 which contains bug fixes for reported bugs. Please check the changelog given below.





Changelog for v2.3.1


#48725 Added trigger to catch step change from checkout page
#48700 Modified tooltip from Quick2cart options


#47338 Add to cart button is not working for JReview listing.
#48701 Add order level tax and shipping plugin in installable package
#48643 Wrong attribute ordering after saving the product
#48427 On Easysocial "My Products" application: show all link is not working.
#48304 Layout display issue in the order detail page for billing & shipping info tab.
#48219 Warning JUser: :_load: Unable to load use in people who bought
#47643 Uncaught Syntax Error: Unexpected token
#47633 Found broken images while updating the product images.
#47325 Removed the warnings onset rule for the backend zone view.
#47324 Not able to Add Shipping Methods on ship-profile view with error reporting maximum

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Posted by on in Techjoomla Labs
JBolo v3.3 Development Update!

Hey all,

A lot of JBolo users asked for a Skype like one page view form where users can access all chat conversations. So here we are with an update regarding JBolo development.

Here is a snapshot of how one page chat-conversations view will look like in JBolo v3.3.



With this view users will be able to access all their chats, group chats from this single page.

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Posted by on in Joomla
How to set search filters in Joomla?

Searching and sorting things you’re looking for has always been a challenge. Now this problem is also faced when you want to look for some elements when it comes to your Joomla backend. It may be a, module, article, blog etc.

With search tool this becomes simple and quick. Search tools is a layout which can be used to show filter which can be applied to a list view.



If you don’t have any idea about how to add search tool to a listview in Joomla 3.x. Here is a quick guide.

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Posted by on in Joomla
Ways to delete documents in Solr!

Solr is a open source standalone enterprise search server. It comes with great features like full-text search, auto suggest, faceted search, database integration and many more. To know more you can visit

Solr extension is a light-weight, very fast and feature-rich library which allows to communicate with the Apache Solr Server in PHP. To know more solr-php methods visit

We have been using Apache Solr in one of our service project. The project is a website which is basically collection of artefacts, posters and other memorabilia from across the globe, importantly India. It currently has about 75,000 objects in our database. In addition, there are roughly 100,000 items in ‘masterlists’. Within the masterlists we have the list of people, films etc, which are the related data for the objects.

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Posted by on in Shika - LMS for Joomla
Shika Beta 12 gets you a surprise!

We are regularly rolling out updated Beta versions of Shika as promised. In previous blogs you might have noticed that we’ve said that the feature list for version 1.0 has been finalized and we will not be adding any new features till 1.1.

However, we have made an exception and added some tempting features!

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Posted by on in Joomla
How to generate video thumbnails in php?

A Video link without a thumbnail is like a smartphone without a camera, you can use it but no one would like to use it. If you want your visitors to see your video, you need to make sure that your video link has a thumbnail which is forcing users to click on the link.

How can we do this?

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Posted by on in PDF embed
PDF Embed plugin v2.1 with Google Viewer and PDF.js support released

Hey All,

We got some good news for you! Our most popular Free Extension PDF Embed plugin (with 1 Lac+ downloads and counting) is here with exciting new features.

1. Google Viewer Support: This feature is offered by Google Docs. With this you can embed PDF files in a web page. And, the pretty part is - you don't have to be upload PDF files to Google Docs, but those files need to be available online somewhere.

2. PDF.js Support: It is a community-driven Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer that is built with HTML5 and supported by Mozilla Labs. It is a general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering PDFs.

3. Editor button plugin for embedding PDF files quickly using PDF Embed plugin.

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