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Posted by on in JBolo
“JBolo 3.2” Now with Message Sync!

JBolo 3.2 gets you the most awaited feature of message synchronization with JomSocial and EasySocial. People will be able to see their chats on the messenger and in the message inbox just the way it happens on Facebook, isn’t that fantastic? So, all the JomSocial and EasySocial users will be tempted to hit the Buy Button now. ;)

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Posted by on in Announcements
Announcing Joomla Pro! Think beyond Joomla!

Top Joomla! extension developers from all over the world have joined hands to get this fantastic CMS out. This is a Pro version of Joomla! Everything is same when it comes to developing extensions for Joomla! or developing extensions for Joomla Pro!

The only difference is its features. These developers have some gifted abilities to see beyond Joomla! With these abilities and endless coding efforts they’ve got us some exciting features giving birth to Joomla Pro!

Unbelieveable feature list

Awesome Spam Protection

Joomla Pro’s Face Recognition is tough on bots and easy on humans, which is replacing google’s reCaptcha from Joomla 3.4. You just have to make sure that your webcam is on that’s it.

Drag & Drop Frontend

Play between modules and the articles. If you are logged in to the site as a SuperAdmin account you can simply edit the content from frontend and drag and drop the article/module wherever you want. It will be easier if you have a touch sensitive screen!


User Friendly

Joomla Pro! comes with 9 different responsive templates and 4 admin templates which are compatible with Bootstrap 3.3.4. Out of the box UI/UX!

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Posted by on in Jticketing
JTicketing 1.6 adds EasySocial events!

EasySocial and JTicketing subscribers, time to reJoice. JTicketing a premium event ticketing solution for Joomla is now seamlessly integrated with EasySocial with JTicketing 1.6

We bring you  EasySocial Events integration which means you can start selling tickets and get all the cool JTicketing features for EasySocial events too!

We introduce an awesome event Calendar view for JTicketing events which gives you a nice snapshot of what’s happening in the month and navigate events from a calendar perspective.

It doesn't end here. There’s quite a few more features in this release as well as bug fixes. Please read on and discover what all we have in store for you!

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Posted by on in Quick2cart

Hey Guys,

This is a critical release which will help you to reduce JS conflicts on your site and some bug fixes. Quick2cart is now compatible with Joomla! 3.4.

However, if you are going to use it with Joomla! 3.4 make sure you go through this documentation carefully.


Buy Quick2cart Now!

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Posted by on in SocialAds
SocialAds v3.0.7.2 is out !

Hey All,

We have another release of SocialAds version out for active subscribers. This release addresses various bugs reported in previous version. Check the change log given below for more details.

Change Log : 

- Bugs Fixes.

  • Bug #40681: UI - issue for graphs on ad summary
  • Bug #40680: Fatal error - Mysql error for social targeted ads

  • Bug #40679: Fatal error on importfields view

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Posted by on in Joomla Development
How to access Joomla plugin parameters anywhere inside Joomla code?

When developing a new Joomla extension or making changes to existing extension, you might need to access plugin parameters of a Joomla plugin outside the plugin code. There can be cases where you want to access plugin parameters in some Joomla module or component. Now the question is - How to get plugin parameters outside the plugin code?


Here is a snippet of a Joomla code in PHP that let's you access plugin parameters anywhere inside Joomla.

// Get plugin 'my_plugin' of plugin type 'my_plugin_type'
$plugin = JPluginHelper::getPlugin('my_plugin_type', 'my_plugin');

// Check if plugin is enabled
if ($plugin)
	// Get plugin params
	$pluginParams = new JRegistry($plugin->params);

	$param1 = $pluginParams->get('param1');
	$param2 = $pluginParams->get('param2');
	$param3 = $pluginParams->get('param3');


Wasn’t that easy?
I hope this helps! Thanks for reading!
Feel free to add your comments.


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Posted by on in Announcements
Next BIG thing in Smartphone & Desktop Apps is here! “AppCarvers”

Techjoomla has been a platform for sales and support for apps developed by our sister concern AppCarvers (formerly called Apptitude) till now. We have released quite a few apps to date. Notably the EasySocial App, the Easyblog app and of course the Event Manager app for our very own JTicketing are some of the releases that we have made and are improving so far. 

AppCarvers and Techjoomla are both brands under our parent company Tekdi Technologies. While Techjoomla was born back in 2009, AppCarvers came around 2011 (then called apptitude). Initially we had only focused on providing Application development services and had some of our own products (Reportoise being the first). Getting into Joomla based product was a natural expansion for us and Techjoomla became the platform for those apps. 

However as the activity around AppCarvers has been growing with your love and awesome response its becoming difficult for us to handle the support, development of the apps on one platform at Techjoomla. Keeping our efficiency and customer satisfaction in mind, we thought of having a dedicated independent platform for it. Thus, AppCarvers was born. is a separate business we have launched only for smartphone, desktop and HTML5 Applications.

What’s new?

  • Dedicated Development team focused on apps which will ensure that you guys get better quality products and timely updates! 
  • Developer Support. Once you order, you’ll be surprised to see that the chef himself is going to serve you at the table. So, immediate action will be taken on your problems.
  • Separate Accounts, Purchases, Tickets. All the Existing users have been migrated to the new site with their purchases and new support tickets will also be opened.

What’s old?

The AppCarvers team will work with the same integration and involvement with the Techjoomla team and the Joomla community and keep churning out awesome products and features for you.  We will follow the same Open Source principles and licensing that we hold dear to our heart and set us apart!

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Posted by on in Discounts, Promotions & Offers
Celebrate Holi with Techjoomla!

Holi is celebrated in Spring with lots of colors and is also called as festival of colors or the festival of love. It is an ancient Hindu festival which has become popular and is celebrated widely throughout the non-Hindu communities as well in the South Asia.

We are offering FLAT 10% OFF on all the extensions and Effective upto 30-35% OFF on all the Bundles! 

This festival originated in India and is also celebrated in Nepal. some parts of Europe and North America as well. Holi is celebrated at the approach of vernal equinox, on the Phalguna Purnima (Full Moon). The festival date varies every year, as per the Hindu calendar and typically comes in March, sometimes February in the Gregorian Calendar.

Holi symbolizes many things such as victory of good over evil, arrival of summer, repair ruptured relationships by playing with colors. So, let’s celebrate holi this year with Techjoomla! 



 Avail Discount Now!

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Posted by on in Quick2cart
Quick2cart! Compatible with Joomla 3.4!

Hey Guys,

This is a very important release which will help you to reduce JS conflicts on your site. Quick2cart is now compatible with Joomla! 3.4 .

However, if you are going to use it with Joomla! 3.4 make sure you go through this documentation carefully.


Buy Quick2cart Now!

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Posted by on in Email Beautifier
Email Beautifier 1.6.1 Critical Release!

This is a minor release but critical which will help you to reduce JS conflicts on your site. Now Email Beautifier is compatible with Joomla! 3.4


+ Features Added

#39522 Joomla 3.4 Compatible

^ Task

#39523 Update Email Library for Joomla 3.4
#39525 Minimise the JS conflict.


Buy Email Beautifier

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