Powerful Donations & Crowdfunding system for Joomla!


Powerful Donations & Crowdfunding system for Joomla!


JGive now works with Joomla 5


Powerful Campaign Features

Powerful Campaign Features

JGive offers a rich set of features to organize & showcase crowdfunding campaigns. From structured campaign information to Media galleries, goals and scheduling you have everything you need to run a successful crowdfunding website.

Donors & Donations

Donors & Donations

Accept One time & recurring donations, Appreciate contributors with Givebacks, Manage Contributor information with CRM features , Give out tax exemption receipts. JGive has everything your platform needs and more!

Intuitive UI

Intuitive UI

An Elegant and easy to use, mobile first UI ensures your causes are showcased in the best possible manner. Versatile views and modules ensure you can be flexible in showing information to best suit your needs

Engagement & Communication

Engagement & Communication

JGive empowers you with tools to connect & communicate with your contributors. It also gives social tools to contributors to engage with your cause. Use the power of JGive to create an engaged audience!

Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards & Reporting

Make informed decisions with stylish and intuitive dashboards for Campaign Owners, Admins & Contributors. Powerful reporting tools let you drill down into key metrics on your campaigns, donors & donations.

Social Crowdfunding

Social Crowdfunding

Use the power of Social Networking to create a Viral Crowdfunding experience. JGive Integrates with several Social Extensions like EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder, JomWall, EasyProfile.

Admin Features

Admin Features

JGive offers extension configuration, Access control, Workflows, Payouts and more for Admins to effectively manage their crowdfunding platform



Use standalone with Joomla Or use our powerful integrations to extend it to further enrich the core feature set.

Infrastructure Extensions

Infrastructure Extensions

Our powerful infrastructure extensions are bundled free with the product to enable several powerful features while maintaining a shared code base across extensions

Feature Packed for all your Donation/Investment Needs

JGive brings the power of 'Digital' to the initiatives that need them the most by blending versatile & powerful features with simplicity of use. Generated Donations for your cause, start a crowdfunding campaign or start a funding marketplace powered with a package that's easy to setup and a delight to use.
4.0.0 Stable
5.x & 4.x & 3.x
Multi Level Categorization & Tags

Organize your campaigns using multi level categorization to make them easy to find . Use tags to add more depth & make campaigns easy to locate

Campaign Rich Text Editor

The WYSIWYG editor gives you a rich set of editing tools to showcase your cause in detail

Media Gallery

Campaign Photo & Video galleries allow you to better showcase your cause

Primary Video Or Image

Set an image or Video from your gallery as the primary image to give your campaigns for better impact

Campaign Fields

Give detailed information about campaigns in a structured manner using fields. Can be used with custom layouts to create rich custom campaign detail pages

Donor Showcase

Ensure campaign transparency by showcasing your donors/investors on the campaign page with their profile photo & amount.

Activity Stream

Showcase the latest updates in a campaign in an automated campaign activity stream

Campaign Scheduling

Upload your campaigns in advance and schedule them to launch on a set date

Campaign Goals

Set Donation or investment goals for campaigns. Also decide if you want to allow goals to overshoot.

SEO Meta Data

Ensure better Search engine visibility by using Campaign Meta Keywords and Descriptions

Launch Campaign without uploading campaign header image

Registered user can create campaign without uploading the campaign header image

One time & Recurring Payments

Collect onetime as well as recurring donations/investments when supported by payment gateway of your choice

Quick Donations/Investments

Get rid of the longer flow by enabling the 'Quick' process that collects minimum information

Giveaways, Givebacks & Rewards

Give your Donors a token of appreciation with a giveback and as ROI for Investments. Givebacks can be tied to minimum donation & investment amounts


Manage Individual Data

Collect detailed individual information for profiling & reporting

Manage Organization Data

Collect Organization information for institutional users who donate or invest.

Individual-Organization relationships

Maintain contacts in organizations via relationships as in any CRM system.


Extend Core with Fields

Collect additional User Data using custom fields to extend Individual and Organization forms

My Investments & Donations

Let users get a snapshot of all their transactions on the website & also complete any incomplete transactions

Tax Exemption Receipts

In Countries that allow tax exemption, you can generate compliant receipts. Called 80G receipts in India

Donation Status

Campaign creators can edit the donation status from the frontend

Intuitive Mobile first UI

A mobile first UI with intuitive user interactions enabled with Powerful features has made JGive a favorite with subscribers

Campaign Card Layouts

Showcase your campaigns in a beautiful card layout with easy to use filters and sorts.

Rich Campaign Detail Page

An intuitive detail page enriched with custom fields, media gallery, donor showcase and campaign updates displays key information to potential donors and investors

Campaigns Module

Segment & Filter select campaigns to feature them or create custom landing pages

Donors & Donations Module

Showcase Recent donations, Top Donations, Recent Donors, Top Donors and more

Category wise Progress Module

Feature campaigns on the card layouts or show them in featured modules on the home page to give them some extra footage

Featured Campaigns

Feature campaigns on the card layouts or show them in featured modules on the home page to give them some extra footage

Rich Micro Data via OG Tags

Campaign pages present data in Open Graph tags for generating rich social sharing previews

Campaign Updates

Update campaign stakeholders with detailed campaign updates enriched with media

Donor Mass Mails

Send out Mass Emails to Donors to keep them engaged & updated about your campaigns

User Engagement

Users can like/dislike and add comments against campaigns


Social Sharing

Supports Native Social widgets for Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Also supports AddThis. Campaign creators can share their own campaign on social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest


Admin Dashboard

Presents a quick snapshot of the donation activities on the platform including running campaigns, Amounts raised by month, fees incurred etc

Campaign Dashboard

Gives a quick snapshot of the campaign to show total funds raised, Average transaction value, & day on day performance among other data .

Extensive Reporting Engine

Extensive reporting on Donors, Donations/Investments, Campaigns and more via our powerful reporting engine.


  CSV Exports

All reports can be exported as CSVs for processing offline

  Customized Reports

Reports can be customized to show or hide columns and save custom queries.

Multi Vendor

Create a Multivendor Crowdfunding marketplace where you can allow other organizations and individuals to host their fund raising campaigns allowing you to monetize by charging platform fees on transactions.

Fees Management

Define platform level fees as an absolute value, percentage or a combination of both. Also define different fees for specific vendors if you wish to

Payouts Manager

Keeps track of all transactions on the site to calculate vendor fees payouts. Allows you keep a record of payouts dues to vendors after subtracting platform fees.

  Intuitive Fast Checkout

JGive gives your users a blazing fast intuitive checkout experience to ensure minimum drop offs. Data from past transactions & user profiles is prefilled for a seamless experience.

  Guest Donations Investments

Optionally allow Guests to donate or invest without having to register on the website

  Silent Registration

Make it easy to first times to contribute and generate a website account for them behind the scenes

  Multiple Payment Gateways

JGive uses the Common Payments API. PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Alta User Points, JomSocial Points are covered in the support subscription. Stripe & iDEAL are integrated via 3rd Party Developers.

PayPal Mass Payments

PayPal Mass payments is a legacy feature we have that can be used if you have approval from PayPal for the same. The PayPal Mass pay API can be used to completely automate payouts.


Avatar Sync

Pull the user avatar from EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder, JomWall, EasyProfile or Gravatar

Rich Activity Stream Integrations

Push JGive activities to Activity Streams in EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder & JomWall and use the Social Network's power to take your campaigns viral

Profile Displays

Display User's campaigns on their Profiles via our integrations with Profiles from EasySocial, JomSocial & Community Builder


  Prefill Data at Billing

Give users a fast and seamless checkout experience by prefiling data from integrations with EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder, JomWall & Easy Profile

  Group Campaigns

Use the power of communities to raise funds by using our Group funding feature that lets you associate campaigns with community groups. Currently works with JomSocial Groups

Campaign Approval Workflow

Approve submitted campaigns to verify authenticity. Especially useful if you are running a multivendor system

Access Control

Access to key backend functions can be managed via access control to create users with limited access

Backoffice Donation Management

Manage your offline & walk in donations using our backoffice donation management interface



Logs actions for related to like campaigns, donation/investments

  Privacy & GDPR Compliance

Process privacy related requests to JGive for Export and deletion of user data.

Social Extensions

Jgive Integrates tightly with several Social networking extensions like EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder, JomWall and EasyProfile.


Invitex integration helps the campaign for donations or investment go viral by providing rich invitation features


Enables additional user engagement on campaign with features like Likes, Dislikes, Comments, reviews & ratings against campaigns


Dev Blog

11 November 2020
With this release & the related releases of Shika, JTicketing & JGive we have SMS support in all these products now. The Notifications system lets you customise the text of the  notifications just like you could update the email text.  You will see some interesting under the hood improvements as well in the configuration which will soon all...
16 March 2020
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27 November 2019
The primary OS for my development related tasks is Ubuntu with Eclipse IDE, so the entire blog is targeted for Eclipse. When I was a newbie in the industry, I only knew basic PHP. Setting up a development machine was as easy as installing PHP, MySQL and installing Joomla CMS. But as time passed by, I learned some new things, tricks which I'm going ...

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JGive is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Start Raising funds for your cause or innovation today!


JGive is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Start Raising funds for your cause or innovation today!

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