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jGive 1.5.1 released

We have released minor update to jGive - version 1.5.1 . Here is a detailed changelog.

jGive 1.5.1 Changelog

- Compatible with Joomla! 2.5.x & 3.0.x

- Bugs fixed (5)
- #15028 If campaigns are not present then don't show campaigns module
- #17290 Undefined variable msg controllers/donations.php line 166
- #17126 Campaign module showing unpublished campaign
- #17078 Missing lang. constants in jgive community plugin
- #17077 Type & category filter problem in joomla 2.5

+ Features (3)
+ #17887j Like integration support
+ #17488 Add option in module to show & hide the goal, received,remaining amount
+ #14434 Allow admin to decide which fields to show for campaign creation form
UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS - You can install 1.5.1 over version 1.5 directly. If you are using jGive version older than 1.5, first upgrade to jGIve 1.5 version.
INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS - install directly from joomla installer
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