invitex api

Invitex 2.2 is here !

Invitex 2.2 is a ground breaking release as we introduce 3 new Native API plugins - Hotmail,Gmail & Yahoo. We have already had LinkedIn for a few months now.

Besides this we have added support forJ!MailAlerts Plugins - which means now you can add dynamic content like latest photos, videos, users etc into your Invite emails to promote your site to the people invited.

SocialAds support inside Invitex Emails is another awesome feature we have added to help you monetize your site even more !

New Features

New Pricing

Please note that prices for Invitex have been hiked to 45$ & 80$ respectively for the 6 Months & 12 month support Subscriptions. Users with Active subscriptions can download it rightaway !

 Read on For the full changelog

Change Log

Task #5010: Techjoomla-Gmail API plugin
Task #8168: Techjoomla-Hotmail API plugin
Task #8169: Techjoomla-Yahoo API plugin
Task #4279: JMA plugin support for Invitex
Task #6368: Fix Images are breaking in preview.........
Task #8087: Add parameter for number of allowed messages all TechjjomlaAPI plugins
Task #8088: Add hidden param defining a TechjjomlaAPI plugin is using "pm" or "email"
Task #8089: changes in model "invites" to support ALL differenct APIs
Task #8266: Need to use JSession instead of php $_SESSION everywhere
Task #8267: Make separate functions for email /message construction & sending..
Task #8271: Add Jtext in missing places