SocialAds 2.7.5 Beta 3 Beta

Released on: Sunday, 06 May 2012 01:21

Release notes and changelog:

Change Log
Feature #8750: Allow admin to let ad owners see their own ads if a config option is set
Feature #8988: archiving the ad stats table
Feature #10744: Jotpad in the backend ? Or a automated tasklist for the admin
Feature #11611: config for "Always approve" the ad
Bug #10035: Archive / truncate / other way to reduce the load of the stats table on the query
Bug #10888: fatal error in autrize plugin on redirect
Bug #11683: URL field not seen when ad type changed from affiliate ad to other type
Bug #11728: include reference in payment table for payments via points system
Bug #11750: get only the required stats applying the time limit
Bug #11751: document.getElementById("editview") is null on Adsummary page
Bug #11752: 500 db error on view adsummary
Bug #11764: targeting for targeting plugins not saved in case of unlimited credits
Bug #11765: targeting to incorrect users via tarrgeting plugins

Release notes

Flash Ads (swf)
- Click tracking will not be implemented for flash ads
- All Flash ads will be auto played on every page load

Video Ads
- Click tracking for video ads will be added in stable release 2.7.5
- No video ads are auto played, to play a video ad - click on play icon
- While creating a 'video ad', if you are not able to see a video ad preview, press "control + f5" and try uploading video again.
(video ads preview tested in latest firefox, chrome and safari browsers)
- Formats tested - flv, mp4 (mime types 'video/x-flv' , 'video/mp4' )
(See and edit site/components/com_socialads/helpers/media.php for adding more mime types and video formats)
- No encoding processing is done for videos.

Known issue-
Unlike image and text ads you can not edit flash ads and video ads from MANGE ADs page ( this shall be fixed in 2.7.5 stable version)

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