SocialAds 2.7.5 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 07 June 2012 01:05

Release notes and changelog:


Features Added

Support for animated images ads(GIF),  flash ads(swf), video ads (flv,mp4)
Feature #11611: Added configuration for "Always approve" the ad
Feature #11069: Recurring payment support for
Feature #10997: 'AddThis' integration for sharing ads
Feature #10996: 'JBolo' chat integration
Feature #10745: Payment slabs
Feature #10744: Jotpad in the backend (automated task-list for the admin)
Feature #10628: Eliminate the extra steps in payment
Feature #10131: Add link to promote JS event/group in the event/group page
Feature #9784: Support animated GIF images in upload
Feature #9279: Allow admin to edit ads in backend
Feature #8988: Archiving the 'ad stats' table
Feature #8759: Support for allowing 'Affiliate ad code' or 'Google Adsense ads'
Feature #8750: Allow admin to let ad owners see their own ads if a config option is set

Bugs Fixed

Bug #11884: duration for slabs not editable                 
Bug #11883: ability to have secure Create Ad link                 
Bug #11882: estimate reach empty box displayed even if not set in config                 
Bug #11881: jomsocial toolbar config not shown properly in settings view                 
Bug #11877: JomSocial toolbar messed up in SocialAds views                 
Bug #11866: error in date target of Ads    
Bug #11831 Fatal error: Class 'JElement' not found in AUP payment plugin
Bug #11806: site crashes when uninstalling the component                  
Bug #11765: targeting to incorrect users via targeting plugins
Bug #11764: targeting for targeting plugins not saved in case of unlimited credits
Bug #11752: 500 db error on view adsummary
Bug #11751: document.getElementById("editview") is null on Adsummary page
Bug #11750: get only the required stats applying the time limit
Bug #11728: include reference in payment table for payments via points system
Bug #11683: URL field not seen when ad type changed from affiliate ad to other type
Bug #11674: incorrect msg displayed for payment through Alphauser points
Bug #11673: plugin lang file not loaded in case of alphauserpoints
Bug #11662: Title of the Ad empty even if filled
Bug #11661: duplicate field in form for ad_title
Bug #11659: changes for "have ctr as 3 decimal places" in admin
Bug #11658: changes for affiliate ads in ad type column
Bug #11650: editing zone the shows publish is NO even if it is published
Bug #11649: re-direct to payment form with values prefilled if payment unsuccessful
Bug #11635: cannot buy unlimited credits for Ad in J2.5
Bug #11402: choose the same day in calendar for per day
Bug #11376: javascript breaking in IE due to 'Unknown runtime error'
Bug #11118: Ad submitted even if no payment gateway enabled
Bug #10888: Fatal error in authroize plugin on redirect
Bug #10538: When undo "ignore ad", the ad is not seen again. Need to refresh the page
Bug #10035: Archive / truncate / other way to reduce the load of the stats table on the query

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