SocialAds SocialAds_v2.7.6Beta1_r293 Beta

Released on: Friday, 10 August 2012 17:17

Release notes and changelog:

Change Log

Feature #12234: Make common Gateway structure and add more payment gateways(2checkout Linkpoint Paypalpro Payu)
Task #12137: Notice: Undefined variable: cop in showad controller
Task #12138: error in settings view for slabs
 Task #12139: msg on payment done
Bug #11898: cannot create Affiliate Ad when only one zone published
Bug #11903: Create Ad link secure even if module param not enabled
Bug #11976: no description displayed for text Ads
 Bug #12075: nested from tag on showad view for payment gateways
Bug #12125: php short tag used in gifresizer file
Bug #12136: able to pay without agreeing to the terms & conditions
Bug #12146: on buildad button Review Ad buttons display issue
 Bug #12216: JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist th-TH language
Bug #12217: recurring Date type ad payment status should be Completed or Pending while creating.
Bug #12236: notice related to plugin in socialads module

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