SocialAds 2.7.6 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 30 August 2012 02:00

Release notes and changelog:

SocialAds 2.7.6 is now available & brings support for Techjoomla's new Common Payment Gateway (CPG) framework. This framework is shared by all our products that need payment . For you, this means support for many more payment gateways !

SocialAds already supports Paypal,, Pay By Check, Pay by PO, JomSocial Points & AUP Points. CPG adds in support for the following additional payment options

  1. 2Checkout
  2. PayU
  3. LinkPoint
  4. PayPal Pro
  5. CCAvenue (Beta version)


Features Added

#12424 Add all payment plugins from socialads to payment category.
#12423 Add New payment Gateways 2checkout,Linkpoint,CCavnue,Linkpoint,Paypalpro,Payu

Bug Fixes and Tasks

#12416 ccavenue plugin not seen in frontend even if selected in config
#12412 modify message for offline payment plugins (see desc)
#12411 remove code related to Jticketing from payment plugins
#12410 language constant missing in plugin lang file for payment byorder & bycheck
#12409 fatal error in byorder payment plugin
#12401 Jomsocial points payment not correct chk screenshot
#12400 publish only needed payment plugins on install
#12399 change message on install
#12398 Undefined property: stdClass::$user_firstname in Payu
#12397 unwanted files lib file in pay bycheck payment
#12396 unused file form.php in 2checkout payment
#12395 no form validation for authorize payment
#12394 no direct access code in every file
#12390 error on delete ad
#12373 Notification on Ad save (see desc)  
#12372 message that pops up says the full amount and doesn't reflect the coupon (see desc)
#12305 In 'Setup Checklist' Payment plugins shown as not published even if they are

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