SocialAds 2.8 Stable

Released on: Tuesday, 16 October 2012 01:44

Release notes and changelog:

Full Changelog


12730  Show Ads based on priority given in backend config(Socialaads,Geo Ads,Contextual As)
12565 Show Ads based on content on page (in joomla 2.5 and above[since it uses smart search component])
12498 Order of Targeting Fields refer ticket #5316
12731 Show Contextual Ads for Search Pageslike google Ads
12732 Show Ads based on meta keywords of each menu


12551 per day Ad seen one day more than the set date range (see desc)  
12552 do not show buy more button for per day ADs show it only if the Ad is expired
12488 Geo Targetting Ads not editing properly
12487 affiliate ad type not seen in select box in Create Ad view ticket #5155
12468 Edit Ad page - Geo Targeted Ads when edited also show Social As checked  
12467 Edit Ad Page forgets Ad type apparently
12454 after click on 'buy now' all the other buttons should be non-clickable see desc
12453 not working for full discount see screenshot
12451 duplicate payment methods appending in payment select box
12450 Authorise payment form validation
12448 "Number of renewal days" label not changing when slabs selected
12447 amount not applying when using slabs

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