SocialAds 2.9 Beta2 Beta

Released on: Saturday, 16 March 2013 01:51

Release notes and changelog:

This is a open Beta release for those who are interested in testing out new features. Note that this release is not intended for live sites & no Support for this release is provided via Tickets. You can however report any bugs you find at Beta Forum.

Given below are changelog and release notes for this version.
+ Feature added
Feature #16763: add amazon and ogone payment plugin in installer

- Bugs Resolved
Bug #14095: alert box on selecting promote plgs on Create Ad
Bug #14099: decide if ad should be published on save drafts for campaigns
Bug #14922:
appending in response of makepayment function
Bug #15893: delete campaign functionality
Bug #15897: sorting for campaign list view
Bug #15938: changes in query for checking geo tables
Bug #16087: unwanted input boxes seen on buy now on Ad summary pop up
Bug #16088: "IMG NOT FOUND" seen on manage ad view
Bug #16163: lang string missing for 'Advertisement'
Bug #16495: 1st click for ad after page refresh doesnot get count
Bug #16689: bootstrap user registration view
Bug #16745: billing view calculation goes worng (old pricing also get added)

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