JTicketing 2.6.0 Stable

Released on: Monday, 25 November 2019 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

JTicketing-2.6.0 - Release Notes

Special Announcement:

Refer this documentation link for Google map key integration - https://techjoomla.com/documentation-for-jticketing/google-map-api-key-setup

If you are upgrading from version 2.4.x or smaller, this release will break your order view and JTicketing module HTML override. If you have template overrides, please change those to new HTML

Compatibility at the time of release:

  • Joomla v3.8.13, v3.9.x
  • PHP v5.6.x, v7.0.x, v7.1.x, v7.2.x
  • EasySocial v3.1.9
  • Jomsocial v4.6.0
  • JEvent v3.4.50

New Installation Instructions:

  • Download the latest version of the JTicketing from the Techjoomla website
  • Install the downloaded JTicketing using the Joomla Extension installer

Upgrade Instructions:

Note: If you are upgrading from JTicketing version older than v2.0, read the following notes:

  • Take a complete backup of your site using tools like 'Akeeba Backup' before installing or upgrading.
  • Since we have moved all media assets (css, js, images etc) to media folder, please backup your CSS / JS file changes, if any, before upgrading.
  • Install JTicketing 2.0 - To upgrade to this version, need to click on JTicketing Dashboard - Migrate-Data (For TJVendor and image migration)
  • Install JTicketing 2.1 - For Notification templates
  • Download the latest version of the JTicketing from the Techjoomla website
  • Install the downloaded JTicketing using the Joomla Extension installer
  • After installation/upgrading configure JTicketing options once.

Follow this If you are upgrading from the previous major version i.e. v2.4.x of JTicketing

  • Make sure you take a complete backup of your site using tools like 'Akeeba Backup' before installing or upgrading.
  • Download the latest version of the JTicketing from the Techjoomla website 
  • Install the downloaded JTicketing using the Joomla Extension installer

For more details read Installation and upgrade instructions

Changelog for JTicketing v2.6.0

Compatible with Joomla! 3.9.12, PHP 7.0.x, 7.2.x (at the time of release)

Features (4) - 

  • Feature #145689 - Native JTicketing event - Save as Copy for Events
  • Feature #148013 - Native JTIcketing event - Refactor event import in JTicketing
  • Feature #150318 - Ecommerce Tracking implementation
  • Feature #146883 - Native JTicketing event - All Events view, added new filters

Fixes (16) - 

  • Bug #149503 When Clicking on Attended or Enrolled count on the Event list view, The event filter doesn't get selected on the Attendee List.
  • Bug #149597 Admin > orders list view> A person with manage permission not able to see an orders list view
  • Bug #150117 EasySocial integration - If ES event form is having multiple tabs, getting div mismatch issue and layout is breaking
  • Bug #150219 Checkout - Single payment - Payment gateway HTML is not getting load
  • Bug #150606 Coupon is not saving the price or percentage in decimal
  • Bug #151096 Load bootstrap method not getting applied to buy ticket module
  • Bug #151140 Non-bootstrap template issues.
  • Bug #151158 JomSocial Event - On order complete getting error. fixDb function is not defined
  • Bug #151232 Frontend> Paid Event> Unable to move to forward after clicking \Proceed to Checkout\" button."
  • Bug #151293 JomSocial - auto mark buyer as going - is not working
  • Bug #151315 EasySocial app - My Tickets - View ticket link - Displaying fatal error
  • Bug #151319 If the address field is hidden from the billing information, login as register user and billing information are displaying on the same page
  • Bug #151337 JTicketing configurations - Custom date format - On Event detail view - custom date format is not displaying correctly
  • Bug #151728 Attendee list view - the guest attendee - the Only first name of attendee is getting displayed
  • Bug #151780 front end > Jom Social > in print page displaying unwanted error
  • Bug #151782 ES > while booking ticket displaying an unwanted message

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