SocialAds 3.1.16 Stable

Released on: Tuesday, 10 September 2019 14:18

Release notes and changelog:

SocialAds v3.1.16 changelog:

- Bugs Fixed (5):

  • Bug #144288 [Coupons-backend]- Coupon saved as Published even if a user saved it as unpublished
  • Bug #149098 Ignore ads table saving ignore record against the guest user with 0 user ID
  • Bug #149852 Wallet mode - Add Payment - PayPal - Not able to place order
  • Bug #150086 EasySocial - Social Targeting - Multi-select custom fields values are not displaying while creating an ad
  • Bug #150158 Back end >> SocialAds >> in pricing tab total amount is displaying in decimal whereas in other places like in review and pay displaying without decimal

^ Improvements (1):

  • Task #150101: jQueryUI upgrade

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