JTicketing 2.1.3 Stable

Released on: Wednesday, 06 June 2018 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

New Installation Instructions:

  • Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before installation.
  • Install JTicketing_v2.1.3_c8c6945b.zip 

Backward Compatibility breaks in this release:

HTML overrides will break: A number of files, folders name are changed and also a lot of the HTML in this release has been optimized and rewritten introducing structural changes and new elements on most of the pages. If you have made any overrides, then they should be redone for the extension to work correctly

Upgrade Path(If upgrading from versions older than v2.1.0): Install JTicketing 1.8.x

Install JTicketing 1.9.x
Install JTicketing 2.0 - To upgrade to this version, need to click on JTicketing Dashboard - Migrate-Data (For TJVendor and image migration)
Install JTicketing 2.0.7 - For Notification templates
Install JTicketing 2.1.x 

Read Installation and upgrade instructions

Changelog for JTicketing v2.1.3

Compatible with Joomla! 3.8.7, PHP 7.0.x, 7.1.x (at the time of release)

+ Features(1):
    Feature #127854 - Save the user given consent to terms and conditions on order and event page

^ Enhancement(3):
    Task #128112 - Validations checks on importing CSV for an event.
    Task #128251 - Display attendee email on attendee list view and added the functionality to search by          attendee email.
   Task #128403 - Add a facility to save user consent for accepting terms & condition on create event page.

- Bugs fixed(6):
Bug #128222 - Attendees - Import CSV is not working.
Bug #128308 - [Attendee list-checkin-frontend]- Display 1062, if duplicate record for JLike content
Bug #127447 - 'Maximum no of tickets the user can buy in one transaction' not working
Bug #127670 - Venues - While creating the new venue, cancel button is not working if "Google map API key' is not set on the fresh instance.
Bug #128713 - Event as a lesson>>After running Cron time is not getting tracked for the attendee.
Bug #127973 - Front end>>Ticket count is not getting updated once the user is enrolled for the particular event.

After installation do this: 

  • For making JTicketing compliant with GDPR legislation, site admin needs to add:
    • Turn on JTicketing configuration "Enable terms & conditions for event creation" and add article id in the config "User Privacy T&C 'Joomla content article id' for 'Event Creation'" in JTicketing configuration.
    • Turn on JTicketing configuration "Enable terms & conditions for payment" and add article id in the config "User Privacy T&C 'Joomla content article id' for 'Ticket Buying''" in JTicketing configuration if not added.

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