Quick2cart 2.0.0 Stable

Released on: Friday, 30 August 2013 03:21

Release notes and changelog:

This is the biggest release to date. It introduces a Major new feature - Social Ecommerce with Multi Vendor, Multi Store & an awesome JomSocial Integration. So now you have a great way to start monetizing your Social network.


we have introduced a change in payment process (all the changes happen behind the scenes, user action flow remains the same).
This change affects all other e-commerce extensions including -  
jGive, Social Ads & Jticketing

So, if you have installed any of the following before updating to Quick2Cart 2.0

  • Jticketing 1.4.3 or
  • JGive 1.5.2 or
  • SocialAds 2.9.3

Then you will have to upgrade to Quick2Cart 2.0

After installing Quick2Cart 2.0, if you have any of the following installed at your site

  • Jticketing or
  • JGive or
  • SocialAds

Please upgrade to the latest versions OR apply the patch given in their respective forum posts

Change Log for Quick2cart 2.0

+ Features

Feature #13973: SKU as Product field
Feature #16415: multi vendor support in Q2C
Feature #17767: one page checkout
Feature #17768: Basic product manager
Feature #17773: People who bought this also bought Module
Feature #17774: flexicontent integration
Feature #18263: SA Promote plugin for products
Feature #18264: Jlike integration for product
Feature #18944: Allow to turn ON/ OFF product
Feature #18954: vanity url for store
Feature #19061: order Invoice
Feature #19163: show currency symbol in place of currency code on frontend
Feature #20480: Coupon Manager for Store owner
Feature #20481: Selling products on Jomsocial Profile
Feature #20482: Jomscoial Activity stream integration
Feature #20493: New look and feel for Admin Dashboard
Feature #20511: Store list Module
Feature #20512: Category list Module

-Bugs Fixed

Bug #18433: Unable to remove discount price
Bug #21004: Add conformation box when user uncheck coupon in cart checkout
Bug #21005: Empty cart when user went to conformation page
Bug #21007: Dashboard messed up in 3.0
Bug #21008: allow to accept attribute option price as zero
Bug #21009: In joomla 3.0 :: checkout and delete cart button r not aligned . There should be some space between 2 buttons (cart module)
Bug #20078: Add Config param :: allowed to place order with zero order price

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