Quick2cart 2.0.1 Stable

Released on: Sunday, 01 September 2013 02:39

Release notes and changelog:

Quick2Cart version 2.0.1  contains bug fixes for reported bugs.


Ugrade Instructions :

If you have any of the following modules, please make sure you uninstall them and then install the latest stable package v2.0.1 at your site.

Quick2Cart module - Best Seller Store
Quick2Cart module - Featured Products
Quick2Cart module - Latest Stores
Quick2Cart module - Newly Added Products
Quick2Cart module - Recently Bought Products
Quick2Cart module - Store List
Quick2Cart module - Top Seller Products
Quick2Cart module - Top Seller Products From Store

In the stable package we have merged them into two modules Quick2Cart Product Display and Quick2Cart Store Display

Changelog for v2.0.1

- Bugs fixed

  • Bug #19562: check spellings & grammer in all language file
  • Bug #20685: wrong order status shown on order detail
  • Bug #20970: Payout Reports backend:: modify message when no payouts
  • Bug #21031: install screen changes
  • Bug #21070: increase size youtube video display on the product detail page
  • Bug #21111: + and - buttons are not visible on buy now
  • Bug #21115: error on profile page for products plugin
  • Bug #21116: warning in store module
  • Bug #21117: li styling appiled to My store on jomsocial profile page
  • Bug #21118: include sys lang files for community plguins
  • Bug #21119: include 'cache' in both community plguins
  • Bug #21123: error backend display notice on when multivendor ON and vendor dashboard menu disabled
  • Bug #21124: li styling applied to store toolbar in JA template
  • Bug #21125: Address title shown even if no address for default created store
  • Bug #21127: currency unit should be same for discounted price
  • Bug #21128: Product Preview messes on product edit page
  • Bug #21129: Add currency on payouts form
  • Bug #21134: My payouts menu takes to all products page
  • Bug #21136: Stock is not going to decrease for zero order
  • Bug #21138: On Edit order : shipping detail is not shown, only Billing detail are shown
  • Bug #21139: On Edit order : wrong Payment gateway is going to display
  • Bug #21143: error on create store view
  • Bug #21153: config for ON/OFF editor on product page
  • Bug #21171: 1 page checkout:: show * for required fields in billing and shipping form
  • Bug #21112: Add module suffix class to modules outer div (for all modules)


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