JTicketing 2.0.14 Stable

Released on: Friday, 22 December 2017 02:03

Release notes and changelog:

JTicketing version 2.0.14

This is a maintenance release adding fixes for bugs fixes.

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JTicketing 2.0.14 Changelog

Bug fixes(13):

####### Various security fixes
Bug #113733 - Ticket field status should be published and unpublish instead of yes and no
Bug #113994 - Get event booking checkout flow by adding checkout URL in browser.
Bug #114506 - Event times and ticket times are not matching.
Bug #115095 - EasySocial installed still display message on checkout page as EasySocial is not installed
Bug #115230 - While exporting the attendee list from backend the attendee information is not available.
Bug #115279 - Remove mod_ostimer module from JTicketing package.
Bug #115809 - Live update not working.
Bug #115911 - Event time is not correct on mobile APP
Bug #116076 - If notification templates are installed, user make changes according their need after update changes get update with default templates
Bug #116078 - Integration - Ticket type form and attendee field form - language file other than English is not working.
Bug #116105 - [Venue-frontend]- display 403 when user trying to edit his/her venue.
Bug #116102 - [Create event- frontend][Native Integration]- For newly created event ticket type are not getting saved.


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