JTicketing 2.0.2 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 20 July 2017 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

Release Notes

First of all, Take a backup of your entire site using an extension like Akeeba and try this version on your staging site first

Backward Compatibility breaks in this release

Bootstrap 2 Support Dropped

This release removes support for Bootstrap 2. If you use a BS2 template you will need to either upgrade to a BS3 template OR do your own overrides for the extension to work with Bootstrap 2.  

Latest Joomla Version.

As we are using Joomla Subform in this release, please make sure you are using Joomla version greater than 3.6.x

HTML Overrides will break

A lot of the HTML in this release has been optimized and rewritten introducing structural changes and new elements on most of the pages. Any overrides you have done should be reviewed and redone for the extension to work correctly and to get the full benefit of new features. To see the new UI you need to remove your overrides.

JTicketing Native Reminders removed in favor of JLike Reminders

This release starts the migration to a centralized system for all Techjoomla extensions to manage reminders. Support for JTicketing reminders is deprecated now in favor of JLike. NativeJTicketing reminders will still work in this release but are deprecated and will be dropped in upcoming releases. Please note that any reminder templates you had created earlier in JTicketing will need to be manually moved over and are not auto migrated. Also, SMS reminder support from the reminders has been dropped temporarily till JLike reminders support the same.

Shika Integration Broken

Since JTicketing 2.0 has changed a lot of core APIs the latest Shika release 1.1.9 will not work with JTicketing. Specifically, the ‘Event as Lesson’ integration will break. We will shortly be releasing a compatible Shika version. Please do not upgrade JTicketing till this version is out if you use ‘Event as lesson’ feature. If you do not use this, there is no impact.

Media tables moved to common Media tables

We have moved the JTicketing tables that managed media to common tables that manage all Techjoomla extension media. This is migrated and needs no action on your part.

Email Customizations

With the introduction of TJ Notifications, you can now edit and customize all your emails on the backend. Any old customizations done via Language constants will be lost. So please ensure you have edited the said emails via the ‘Notification Templates’ before you go live with the update.

Upgrade Event Managers App

You need to upgrade to the latest version of the Event manager’s app released by AppCarvers today for it to work. The REST APIs have been upgraded causing this break. Older app versions will not work with the new JTicketing.

JTicketing with Integration

From version 2.0, we are adding a facility to add a default free ticket against the event. If a vendor/event owner has not added ticket against an event, one free ticket with a zero cost will get added to that event.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Download the latest package of JTicketing from the Techjoomla website.
  2. You can use the ‘Install from URL’ or ‘Upload and install’ interface to complete the installation
  3. You should have at least JjTicketing 1.8.x installed on the site to correctly migrate to the 2.0. If you are on a lower version you need to upgrade to 1.8 release first.
  4. Once you have installed the latest version, browse to the JTicketing Dashboard and click on “Migrate Data”. This will migrate your database to the correct version.
  5. Since we are migrating to the new TJ Vendor system please change any menu items you have related to vendors to point to TJ Vendor menus. Any links to older links will break.
JTicketing 2.0.2 Changelog

Bug #108116 - TinyMCE editor validation is wrong for event descripton.
Bug #108126 - Copyrights date changed
Bug #108135 - Add configuration for event description
Bug #108136 - Console error for the create venue.

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