Quick2cart 0.1Beta2 Beta

Released on: Friday, 17 August 2012 01:06

Release notes and changelog:

We have added may features and also bugs from previous releases are fixed. This relaese is also for avaibale for testing, do not use this on the live sites.

Feature #12039: Config using Params
Feature #12040: Statisticts Dashboard
Feature #12041: Silent Registration
Feature #12073: plugin triggers in relevant places
Feature #12218: Config for turn off shipping
Bug #12089: in order details view display order amount values from db DO NOT calculate them
Task #12095: Order Email recipient bug
Bug #12228: on clean install module not published even if msg in intall says so
Bug #12229: add support for discounted price in zoo element
Bug #12232: Notice: Undefined variable: align_style in components/com_quick2cart/views/cartcheckout/tmpl/cart.php
Bug #12297: validate to enter only numerics in quantity field
Bug #12298: error in order view if no tax & shipping details not saved in DB
Bug #12306: separate layout files for zoo element and content plg for Buy Now button
Bug #12308: validation to check if cart empty

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