Quick2cart 0.1 Alpha Alpha

Released on: Tuesday, 31 July 2012 15:09

Release notes and changelog:

This is the 1st relaese of Qucik2cart.  Remember this is a Alpha release. So don't use it on live sites! 

Look at release note to get an idea about what all you are  getting in the package

The package contains:

The Main Extensions

1. Quick2Cart component
2. Quick2Cart Module
3. System plugin for Quick2Cart
4. Quick2Cart Joomla content plugin
5. Quick2Cart Tax Payment plugin
6. Quick2Cart Shipping Payment plugin

Payment plugins

1. Payu
2. 2Checkout
3. Authorizenet
4. Linkpoint
5. PayPal
6. PayPalpro
After installing please make sure you go through the following steps.
1. publish the module of type "Quick2Cart module" / "mod_quick2cart" on the pages you need. 
2. Create Menus for "My Orders" and "Checkout" view
For Joomla Content
a. You need to add data tag in your article 
{loadquick2cart id=com_content.3|title=Cat|price=50} 
For Zoo
There is a element "quick2cart_buy" under group "quick2cart"
b. You need to add the element to your application and then place it in the needed zoo template.
NOTE that you need to provide your price field Id to param "Price Element Id" of "quick2cart_buy" element.

Now you are ready to go with using Quick2Cart!

Download release files:

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