Shika 1.1.2 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 02 February 2017 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

In this version, we have fixed some 10+ bugs those were there in 1.1.1

Bugs Fixed:
#96507  Admin panel >> Iframe is not accepted in the Course description.
# 90671  Admin panel>> report>> user report>> In ACTIVE column shows deactive student too.
# 90078  Answer sheet >> Unable to save/print whole pdf pages.
# 95567  Admin panel>> tjevent plugin>> language constant missing.
#92712  Front panel>> unable to add comments on lesson and courses.
# 78470   Admin panel>> Attempts>> validation need for date fields as throws error after entering characters.
#95355   Proper error message should appear after the user tries to unpublish the course categories.
# 92657   Front panel>> quiz > when quiz is finised >> throws error 1146
#90817   Front panel>> dashboard>> all the blocks /panels do not have space between them and it looks clumsy.
#92787 Front panel>>  quiz who don't have timer should not appears  "Quiz will automatically submit in seconds." text
#90820   Front panel>> dashboard>> activity graph UI should be responsive
#96910   Admin panel>> courses>> when we create new course we can see button manage training material >> it should be enabled only after saving the course.
#96061   Currency sign does not get change on the Dashboard page/Revenue block after changing from Shika config

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