Shika 1.0.8 Stable

Released on: Monday, 10 October 2016 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

In this version, we have fixed some major bug those were there in 1.0.7

*88125 -> Reordering of the categories on front-end should be same as back-end.

*87167 -> Unable to view the second page of review answer sheet on firefox.

*71151 -> On uber-template recommend pop-up view UI was messed up.

*64755 -> Error message should be amended when entering invalid text while creating the module.

*90073 -> Report view on courses page shows notices.

*71152 -> On uber-template assign pop-up view UI was messed up.

*56679 -> On print view, Marks label on answer sheet look weirdly big.

*75013 -> On Edit old quiz 'Total Marks' for the quiz is not matches the 'total of marks for all questions.

*78794 -> On Lesson landing page entered words for comments should be wrapped.

*90072 -> Horizontal scroll should be removed from review answer-sheet view.

*86031 -> Alert message should be amended when we unpublishing the module.

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