Shika 1.0.5 Stable

Released on: Tuesday, 20 September 2016 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

In this version we have fixed some bugs those were there in 1.0.4

Bugs Fixed

*88066 -On courses page on my Samsung s6 edge there's display issues in both landscape and portrait, I didn't have time to test a series of other devices.

*85329 -Currency symbol error for courses

*84375 -Jilke tool bar if move to bottom than it hides the navigation bar

*83899 -Backend> Extensions> Plugins> Document Viewer API> article linked to "How to configure Box API" should be having some steps. Now its blank.

*83260 - Question Bank> CSV import> there should be proper validation/ instruction for correct and incorrect answers.

*80816 - Backend> Quiz> Allows to add questions even when there are no questions in the Question bank i.e. no question categories present

*78783 - Admin panel>> Menu drop down list(LMS admin) and side menu bar are not in proper order(check screenshot)

*77507  Admin panel>> About shika>> techjoomla site link should open in new tab or there should be only image

*75765 Admin panel>> Options>>Course creation settings >> Characters limit for short description of create course should have minimum limit and should not be zero

*74958  Frontend> Create lesson> BOX API type formats> tracking is not working. Its status doesn't change, it stays "Not viewed"

*73635- Admin panel>>Course>>On Vimeo lesson preview show two verticle scroll bar

*77020- Backend > Dashboard - Displaying unpublished courses

 *88648 -Fatal error >> when saving certificate 

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