Shika 1.0.4 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 08 September 2016 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

Bugs Fixed

#86207 Admin panel>> course pricing>> when enter the second subscription plan then duration becomes empty

#85444 Active courses: When click from dashboard: "Free" filter is getting set which is wrong. Only "Published" filter should be set.

#85272 Admin panel>> Activities>>shows error

#85067 Frontend> Buying a course> Billing details tab> If I left Terms and conditions unchecked > language constant missing for this step.

#85066 Frontend> Buying a course> Billing details tab> If I left name empty > language constant missing for this step

#84496 Frontend> Paid course> If the subscription is expired, then I'm not getting any message that course is expired and also  unable to launch the lessons.

#84471 Frontend> Buying a course> Billing details tab> If I don't fill in the Name and click on "continue" it throws an alert but on clicking OK it allows me to go to the next page with empty Name.

#83264 Tracking is not working for old scorm lessons.

#83242 Frontend> Buying any course> Payment gateway alignment is messed up

#81931 Admin panel>>Options>>Social Integration>> Read documentation link goes to invitex

#81811 Admin panel>>lesson format>>upload an incorrect file with the correct extension then it shows notice.

#81787 Paid courses: Publish filter is not set on list when user redirects from the dashboard

#81060 Admin panel>>create lesson>>error message should be shown while entering incorrect date

#80576 Backend> Question Bank> Sorting changes while publishing any unpublished question.

#80452 Image uploads and re-sampling in Shika

#79501 Admin panel>>Courses>>View Report>> Top active student>> Report>> there are two pop-up opens but while closing both the pop -up gets closed.

#78880 Amazon S3 issue: If the image name is something weird and if uploaded to a course and on hitting cron the image moves to S3 but it doesn't showup on the courses at frontend.

#78876 Front panel >>Zero counts of seconds for vimeo

#78790 Front panel>> course landing page>> Add comment>>Add comments more than 5 >> click on Oldest /Latest>> shows only 5 comments>> show more button not visible

#78484 Admin panel>> Courses>>create lesson>> once you keep "Consider for course marking and overall passing" to NO after keeping yes >> It does not work as expected

#78478 Admin panel>>Create course>> date calendar ain't popping up

#78319 Admin panel>> Keep one name either Prerequisites or Eligibility Criteria for quiz and lesson both

#78191 Admin panel>>Question bank>>Edit question>>Answer tab>> language constant missing for marks textbox

#75787 Front panel>> course landing page>> if module does not have any lesson then its should not appear

#75783 Front panel>> Issue in playlist view,lesson is not getting complete

#75781 Front panel> Course landing page >>Alignment for launch button is not proper

#75763 Admin panel>> Options >> lesson setting>>lesson layout setting>> lesson in>> language constant missing>> for new tab,pop up,parent window

#75343 Frontend> For admin login, the Course progress bar is not visible.

#75286 Backend> While changing the teacher of a course, the created by is not getting updated in easysocial groups. It stays the same which has been set while creating the course

#75270 Admin panel>> Courses>>For current/today's date enrollment from back panel should accept

#73946 Admin panel>>Question bank>>Import CSV>> for invalid column entry , display appropriate message

#73424 Frontend> Buying a course> Billing details tab> Not accepting terms and conditions during payment form scrolls you back to the top...this shouldn't happen it should focus on terms and conditions checkbox.

#73410 Frontend> Buy a course> Billing details tab >Button for terms and notifications, on clicking it article UI issue.

#73072 Frontend> Lesson view> Add labels> Created labels needs to be aligned.

#73018 Admin panel>>Upload given SCORM(file attached) ,after uploading ,click on save&next >>shows blank error box

#71932 Admin panel>> Manage enrollment >>When importing CSV , login name upload as email, it should change to username

#70650 Front panel>>Jomsocial>>check activity stream>>activities are repeating, check screenshot

#70540 Front panel>>> Gets error view not found after clicking back button

#69147 Front panel >> even after the course is unpublished and trash,able to get certificate through URL

#68922 Front payment gateway>>Payment gateway>>select plan>> amount should be rounded up to two decimal points

#67693 Access the below-given URL,able to land to the unknown page

#66492 Front panel>> Once the course is not published,Give proper message

#65049 Admin panel>>Attempt Report>>While loading shows warning

#64674 Backend> Create lesson> - Show Supported image types, image size for Image field

#62528 Certificate accessible without completing course

#57080 On front end-> Launch SCORM lesson= Exit button causes close front end tab.

#41708 Quiz Lets me save a Question with Marks for Incorrect Answer - Is this done to support negative marking in the future ?

#39080 SCORM Lesson:: 'On launch' Site menus are getting seen on scorm lesson landing page for few seconds.

#34644 Add Lesson view :: 'Preview' option should display after uploading the file

#88024 Show alert message when user is not logged in and try to add comment

#88082 Front panel>> after social integration >> shows error 1064


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