Shika 1.0.3 Stable

Released on: Tuesday, 12 July 2016 19:10

Release notes and changelog:

In this version we have fixed some bugs those were there in 1.0.2

Bugs Fixed:

#83622 Backend> Orders> Click on any link under: "Order ID". getting database error.

#83425 Frontend> Buy course> Even after completing order, user is unable to launch the course. On clicking launch gets message "You need to enroll to the course to access this lesson".

#82900 Order Invoice email: Gets the gets some id's for country and state. 

#82849 Frontend> Modal pop-up issue - template conflict on some sites - modal pop shows two windows overlapping.

#82729 Quiz terms and condition unable to open in popup window

#82725 Frontend> On after viewing the lesson, the status in not updating, it stays to "Not Viewed". Grading is set to "Highest Attempt"

#82722 Frontend> Ntoice appearing on Course TOC page.See attached screenshot.

#82529 Front panel>>Course landing page>>notices comes on page

#81940 Admin panel>> plugin>>Document>> UI is not proper>> link text should be properly align

#81833 Front panel>> dashboard>> shows sql error 1054 when integrated with jomsocial

#81831 Frontend> Document type lessons> Status shows "Not viewed"

#81785 Inconsistency in title of dashboard. Refer screenshot

#81405 Front panel>>Dashboard>>My recommendation >>click on profile>> shows error

#80910 Backend> Attempts> While changing the marks pop-up appears> There is a spell mistake - it should say "total" instead of "toal" see the screenshot for more info.

#79113 Backend> Courses> Pricing> On selecting "Unlimited"plans in duration text box set to 1 by default.

#78881 Backend> Attempts> In Status filter "Incomplete" status is missing.

#78634 Admin panel>> Order>>Status>>first drop down is not same as below one (check screenshot)

#78403 Front panel>>Course landing page>>assign>>after assigning course>> shows error message(check screenshot/desc)

#78397 Email>> In enrollment approval email>> Course URL is incorrect

#78210 Admin panel>> Question bank>>create question>> Button design is different from Add quiz layout of course>>Through out the site consistent button design should be used

#77496 Front panel>> Course landing page>>click on launch button when course is not enrolled>>pop up message does not get remove when click on next launch button

#77494 Admin panel>> Preview lessons>> Shows two close button

#77459 Admin panel>>Associate file does not have remove button

#77369 Admin panel>> Attempts menu name changes to attempt report.

#76413 Backend> Edit lesson> Under format files tab - the uploaded file resets on edit.

#76032 Front panel>> After enroll the course shows error

#75894 Admin panel>>Create lesson>> issue with the save and next button(check step)

#75789 Admin panel>> create lesson >> upload lesson >> Both the button ,save and close & save and next does the same funtionality

#75786 Front panel>> orders>> pagination limit drop down>> selecting all as input>> shows no data

#75779 Front panel>> dashboard >> My discussion shows notices/warning

#75769 Front panel>>Pin Layout Settings>> setting effect differently on" All courses" and "enrolled/liked view." should be consistent

#75764 Admin panel>> Courses view>> Access level column should be able to sort

#75762 Front panel>> Launch the lesson having associate file,show fatal error

#75726 Front panel>> dashboard >> my discussion>>shows language constant missing

#75268 Backend> Courses> Reports> Liked users list> users are displayed one below other. they should be displayed evenly with occupying the white space.

#75085 Backend> Create lesson> Lesson format tab> Rename "Cancel" to "Save and Close" and change its functionality.

#74496 Admin panel>> Attempts>> Attempt from and To date filter back color should be change

#74141 Front panel>> Lesson launch on pop- up view>> unable to understand the use of pop view and also it does not act as pop up.

#73776 Admin panel>>Attempts>> change the status for lesson>> success message should be in green background

#73001 TJT 14586 : Template CSS conflict : playlist issue : check video

#72856 When selecting questions, allow clicking on the entire row to check the box

#72537 Certificate gets overridden if we reinstall the Shika Package

#72166 Validation not provided for incorrect answers in quiz.

#71922 Scorm 2004 - time spent - Minutes are shown as hours

#71524 Admin panel>> Question bank>>Import CSV>>Marks are not getting save correctly

#71149 Frontend> Dashboard> Activity Graph and Liked Lesson tooltips missing.

#70982 Admin panel>>Courses>> Add existing quiz>> shows message which is having language constant missing

#70736 Admin MCQ > Auto-populate the marks for the answer from the marks assigned to the question

#70647 Backend> Create course> Lessons> Upload format files and click on abort. Then click on save and next.

#70523 Front panel>>After completing the lesson ,view roll to upper side of course page, even if we are using the lesson from bottom view

#70521 Backend> Lesson Associate files> Progress bar and upload messages should be in a line.

#70396 Front panel>>Go to Jomsocial>>Click on profile>>Click on user name>>Throws Error

#69026 Admin panel>>Courses>>View report>> Shows incorrect time for "last accessed on"

#66322 Front panel>>Lesson landing page>> For pdf,by default view needs to Normal rather than pop.

#61550 Front panel>>Course landing page>>Add comment and edit comments both have different color buttons

#56765 On front end-> Recommendation= Popup get overlapped at the bottom.

#55167 Admin panel>>In mobile view site need to be responsive

#54774 Front panel>> Courses detail>>playlist view >> shows error

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