JTicketing 1.8 Stable

Released on: Tuesday, 26 July 2016 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

This is a Stable release of JTicketing. In this release, we have added mainly the venue management and online events on the remote provider like Adobe Connect.

Note: After install/upgrade JTicketing If you are using Shika, Quick2kart extension then you need to upgrade it as we have made changes in DOMPDF library which is  now common for these extensions.


^Feature #74016: Online- Offline Events (By virtue of venue)
^Feature #74022: Retry payment
^Feature #74030: Menu for - single category
^Feature #74046: Adobe connect for Online events
^Feature #77636: Venue Management
^ Feature #77636: Check in/Mark Attendance when we get feedback from remote Provider

Bug Fixed

-Bug #84785 Event Image getting warped in Event Email
-Bug #83708 Jticketing event config is not change when we copy the module
-Bug #79931 Frontend:- Ticket PDF is not sent to the ticket buyer.
-Bug #78109 Easysocial activity stream not working
-Bug #77645 Don't allow creating an Event without a ticket type. Have a free ticket type by default on the form
-Bug #76068 Email sending not working for joomla 3.5.1
-Bug #72370 Email issue in 1.7.1 Swapnil Patil Q2 - High
-Bug #70972 Backend:- Orders:- Use Optimize image
-Bug #68046 Frontend:- Calender not working
-Bug #59737 Frontend:- Status is completed. still, message shows wrong.
-Bug #59716 Bug Closed Frontend:- Buy ticket:-Available ticket shows wrong

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