Shika 1.0.2 Stable

Released on: Monday, 20 June 2016 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

This is the minor shika release. We have added some minor features and also fixed high impact issues from the version 1.0.1

Featues Added:

#71074 Change the Message when user tries to open a lesson from a course to whom he is not enrolled : See desc
#53438 Admin Panel>>Reports>> " Date Filter" should introduce Attempts reports as its the most essential feature for it
#51646 Give global config to show username/ name of the user in frontend

Bugs Fixed:

#82314 Manage Enrollment >> publish any row OR Enrol from frontend : Invalid Email address
#81822 Front panel>> Course landing page>> even after this page is loaded,unable to click the buttons
#79898 Backend> For lessons/quizzes user should be able to change the attempts to unlimited. (0)
#78183 Extensions> Plugins> Document Viewer API
#75584 Front panel>>Courses landing page>>lanuch quiz and complete it and close>> Throws error
#75465 Admin panel>>Courses>> Add quiz>>pick question>> close button is different than other popup
#75276 Backend> Attempt report> last accessed date language constant missing.
#75240 Front panel>> Courses>> Search button is not apperaring
#75238 Front panel>>Courses>>All the UI is messed up, All the modules are coming in downside
#75093 Backend> Create lesson> Associated files tab> Remove "Cancel" button.
#74905 Admin panel>> Question bank>>import questions>> After import questions total marks should be editable
#74816 Frontend> On unpublishing categories from backend, notices appearing on frontend. see the screenshot.
#74670 iPad -> Launching Scorm lesson -> Time tracking, book marking is not working
#74472 Backend> Reports> Scores and Status are not visible in Lesson Report.
#74408 Backend> Quiz> It doesn't allow to change the attempts from 2 to 1 and 1 to 0.
#74190 Front panel>> Quiz >> On start over >> timer should not be reset
#74187 Admin panel>> manage enrollment >>when import the file, last name column which is blank takes by default value of lastname of previous row
#74163 Admin panel>> If course start date is future date than user should not be enrolled from back end.
#74151 Front panel>>Dashboard>>My recommendation >>shows the notice
#73928 Admin panel>> Manage enrollment>>CSV Import> Incorrect message after importing data
#73918 Email>> Enrollment mail>>Incorrect URL for course
#73878 Admin panel>>Manage enrollments>> Import csv>>shows incorrect error message
#73873 Admin panel>>Manage enrollments>> Import CSV>>validation should be done for email id.
#73806 Admin panel>>Courses>>shows blanks message>>check the steps
#73787 Admin panel>>Course page shows notices and warning when unpublished all course categories
#73785 Admin panel>> manage enrollment >>for unpublished course import should not be accepted
#73775 Admin panel>> Course category >> unpublished categories>>courses with the enrolled user count is visible in enrolled user should act like when course is unpublished
#73532 Backend> Courses> Create lesson> On uploading scorm file and switching to basic details tab and when again comes to lesson format tab, format/file disappears.
#73404 Frontend> Buy a course> For payments make all Text input fields height proper and consistent.
#73402 Frontend> Buy a course> Billing details tab> doesn't support entering Canadian postal code. for .eg.C1B 2T3, E4H 2H7 and etc
#73305 Front panel>>payment gateway> >discount is not getting consider.
#73294 Front panel>>easy social>> activity stream shows incorrect course name.
#73220 Front panel>>Easy social>> Activity stream>> language constant missing for course creator
#73215 Front panel>> invalid date in certificate
#73179 Backend> Easysocial stream> Course created language constant missing and also JLIKE lang const missing.
#73144 Admin panel>> preview lesson>> click on close button>>throws error>>The requested URL /undefined was not found on this server.
#73143 Front panel>> Course landing page>>start date is current date and lesson is not published
#73103 Admin panel>> Course>>Create lesson>> Button UI/designs for quiz and lessons are different,should be alike
#73100 Backend> When creating groups and specifying the user who created it, the group created in easysocial automatically should be owned/created by the same user.
#73087 Unable to give 100 % discount as payment tab does not appears. Also, the order status dropdown is getting cutoff.(see screengrab)
#72992 Admin panel>Create video lesson>> error message aren't getting clear
#72951 Backend> Dashboard> Graph> Sessions are 0 even the activities are logged.
#72829 Front panel>>Easy social activity stream >> Access course link shows error >>Requested URL not found
#72798 Email >>Enrollment for course>>Link for course redirect to page not found(when user in not logged in)
#72794 Admin panel>>Reports>>Export CSV>>Notices comes in Exported file
#72744 Admin->Options->Dashboard settings Only title is displayed, nothing is displayed under it
#72742 The icon for available subs plans is an image, whereas other icons are fontawesome icons?
#72179 Admin panel>> Create kpoint lesson>> shows warning and no video uploaded
#72122 When marks are not editable for a question, need to show a mesage
#72047 Front panel>> enrolled Courses>> shows error after clicking on course
#71945 Admin panel>> Manage enrollment >> language constant missing
#71927 Admin panel>> Courses>> lesson format>> Unable to see preview for SCORM
#71775 Front panel>>Review answer-sheet should be open in new window(not in new tab) with back/forward button disable.
#71704 Admin panel>>Menus>>Menu item type>>My liked courses>> Layout tab is missing
#71570 Admin panel>>Attempts>>Export CSV>Export in improper in window OS as all the fields are Coming in one column
#71566 Admin panel>>Attempts>>Export CSV>> Column which are export are incorrect
#71331 Admin panel >>Image resize settings does not work for enrolled courses and liked courses
#71323 Front panel >> All Courses drop down is not same like enrolled and liked courses
#71321 Front panel>>Enrolled course and liked course default image pin view is different All Courses
#71155 Backend> Quiz> Attempts Grading
#70788 Front panel>> Lesson landing page>> View Notes>> Save twice the notes >>shows error 1064 found and many warnings
#70761 Admin panel>>lesson format>> Kpoint lesson>> shows notices
#70735 Clickable area for prev/next on document viewer is too small
#70678 Front panel>>Dashboard>>groups >>View All>> link redirect to easysocial page even if the integration with jomsocial
#70648 Admin panel>> Courses>>Preview Scorm>>Throws notices and view comes in small window
#70643 Front panel>>Quiz>>questions are switching between pages
#70642 Front panel>> course landing page>> Multi sco scorm launch button UI should be like other button
#70630 Front panel>> course landing page>>TOC>> click on attempts>> shows error
#70614 Front panel>>Payment>>Coupon apply>> after applying coupon and then clear textbox>> apply button should enable
#70593 Front panel>>For scrom>> time spent comes in hours
#70576 Backend> Create lesson> SCORM> passing score is set to "100" by default. Please keep it blank so that user can set it.
#70574 Backend> Create lesson> For multisco SCORM provide a note for "Passing score" as this is applicable only for MultiSCO SCORM's only.
#70562 Backend> Components> LMS Admin> Some of the sub menus are missing. Please add those.
#70525 Admin panel>>Kpoint video pop - up two close button
#70522 Backned> Create lesson> Check language constant for Audio/Video lessons while giving wrong URL
#70518 Backend> Create lesson> Audio/Video> For Vimeo getting html code in "Enter Video URL"
#70509 Frontend> Course> YouTube video lesson> When I launch i see a loader, and after sometime the video starts in background, but the loader stays on the screen.
#70495 Backend> Create Quiz> Autopick Questions
#70493 Admin panel>> lesson format>> preview in not visible for simple html
#70476 Backend> Options> Move "Select Social Integration" from general tab to "Social Integration" tab.
#70410 Frontend> Course> Lessons which have Start date in future have their "Launch" button enabled. [This is only visible to the course Creator]. for others users Launch button is locked.
#70388 Front panel>>Lesson landing page>> When like the lesson ,on hover like does not change to unlike. It changes after refresh the page
#70377 vimeo/you tube lesson format not getting saved
#70267 Admin panel >> After deleting question catergory>>It delete the questions from question bank
#70124 Admin panel>>Dashboard>>Trashed category Course count also display on dashboard
#70119 Front panel>> Course landing page>>When launch the lesson>>shows incorrect message
#70047 Front panel>>Course landing page>>Click on Show more button>>Click on gavatar icon>>through error
#69974 Core Shika - Unwanted text display on print invoice page.
#69966 Front panel>>Once the enrollment has been deleted from the back panel>>paid user faces issue(check description)
#69922 Backend> Create lesson> Video/Audio> Vimeo> URL validation is needed. If i upload a youtube URL then also it is accepting it.
#69904 Backend> Attempt Report> Unable to Amend the Quiz marks.
#69873 Front panel>>After refreshing you tube video>>whole lesson panel get fits in course landing page
#69870 Front panel>> dashboard>> Activity graph>> Unable to see Session lines on it
#69687 Front panel>>scorm time spent aint recording
#69637 Core Shika - Removed associate fiels display on lesson update.
#69521 Frontend> Course> After subscription is expired, Buy now button visible for admin users, but in the same scenario the button is not visible for the registered users.
#69499 Front panel>> Dashboard>>View All link is missing for Discussion joined by user
#69498 Front panel>> Dashboard>>View All link is missing for MY groups
#69461 IE>> Front panel>> ALL the modules coming on down side
#69327 Frontend> All courses> After executing cron some images are moved to Amazon server, but the same is not visible on frontend.
#69146 Admin panel>> After trashing the course category directly without deleting the course,able to see courses, having enrolled user none.
#69044 Email content for assign course should be updated.
#69025 Emails not being sent on completion of course
#69023 Quiz>>Alias issue:: Once you Add existing quiz, then the alias conflict happens
#69021 Admin panel>> Issue with the lesson format,Check the steps.
#68998 Frontend>Course> Buy now
#68993 For recommendation email,Course link redirect to incorrect URL
#68924 Front panel>>payment>>Payment Tab>>Select EasySocial Points >>UI of buttons should be proper
#68910 Admin panel>> Courses>>Add associate files>> unable to see added file.
#68711 Admin panel>>once we delete course categories,It also delete courses related to that categories
#68638 Admin panel>>Options>>Date format to show in reports>> saves in day format and also some extra text
#68636 Delete enrollment from back panel for any user and check the front panel,Course progress is visible.
#68575 Front end > Home page > Courses > Rural Landing > Testing category > Test Quiz - Incorrect and in appropriately data displayed in quiz.
#68428 Admin panel>>Lesson Creation>>Associate files>>Select >>weird behavior of pop-up after clicking on search or clear button,pop-up get maximum and no close button.
#68107 Admin panel>>Asterisk for mandatory fields should be in red.
#68083 Admin panel>>User report>>Total time spent of report does not match with front panel time spent.
#67935 Admin panel>>Orders>>Search>>On which entity search result will come,Mention in placeholder or keep universal search.
#67878 Front panel>>Activities >>Pagination limit style is different from others
#67867 In invoice mail link for course redirect to administrator page and shows webpage is not available.
#67820 Front panel>>Course landing page>>Take lesson and close it,UI look bit weird
#67683 Frontend> Easysocial activity stream> wrongs links are there on the courses name on activity streams.
#66330 Admin panel>>courses>>lesson upload>> when uploading -Still able to create next lesson
#66201 Front panel>> Course landing page>>comment does not have name
#66184 Front panel>> launch HTML 5 lesson >>Two veritcal scroll bar are visible.
#66027 Backend> About Us> "Documentation and Support" all the links here are navigating to "About Us" tab which is wrong. If no links are available for now, then pls keep this nonclickable.
#65850 Admin panel>>Courses>>Lessons>> Take preview of any lesson>>Lesson is taken by every user
#65501 Uniform Language use for Labels Across jLike & Shika
#65370 Front panel>> clear button does not work as expected
#64880 Admin panel>> Enroll Users>>Click on End button ,Shows improper message and pagination gets disable.
#64696 Admin panel>> Report Engine>>Pagination for reports are not working as expected.
#64243 Front panel>> Course landing page>>With big imaage size>>UI get messed up>>Check Screenshot
#63760 Backend >> Create lesson >> Lesson is not getting saved >> Erron in console >> Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
#63264 Admin Panel>>Courses>>Html lesson>> preview it shows console error
#63246 Frontend> After the course's subscription is expired> Lessons launch buttons are active and i can take those lessons. This should not happen.
#63245 Frontend> After the course's subscription is expired> Buy now button is not visible.
#63207 Backend> Attempt Report> Last access date is not updating while updating the status/score/attempt.
#63078 Backend> Reviews and ratings for lesson is not working. If it needs to removed. remove this tab.
#62529 Even if SEF is on, some course links in activity are non-sef
#62402 Front end>>Dashboard>>Notices on recommend page
#61167 Back end> Courses - Reports
#60951 On front end-> Activities= There is ordering difference in Activity on both side My activities page.
#60502 IE>>Admin panel>>Question bank>>create new question >> Placeholder for comments and answer box are like text
#59838 On front end-> Order= Text get cut while printing.
#58684 Back end-> Create lesson-> for SCORM lesson format= Front end display in back end while preview lesson.
#57376 Front panel>>If user has used any filter then it should highlight the use filter entity
#57341 Front panel>>Scrom lesson not working on IE
#57332 Admin panel>>lesson format>>performance issue on "save and next" button
#55341 On Corrse page-> Like option-> Click on add your like drop down= Text field display as it is.
#47770 Double points entry at time for 'complete lesson' for SCROM related lessons.
#45503 jwplayer time spent not showing correct data
#41846 backend-question categories- in tablet the access language and the id column is not visible
#40435 Course Details page> course content:: UI issue with attempts count, Attempts count is not placed correctly
#35825 Course landing page:: Ui issue with course progress bar on Safari

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