Shika 1.0 Beta 16 Beta

Released on: Monday, 07 December 2015 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

In this beta we have fixed 200+ issues from beta 15. 

Features Added :

Allow admin to change the  completion status/score of an attempt through Attempt report
Allow admin to delete an attempt through Attempt report
Allow to add a comment against the Answer while creating a Question.

Bugs Fixed

#62431 Backend> Reports> Attempt Reports> "Hide and Show columns" is overlapping on top toolbar on scrolling down the page.
#62430 Backend> Reports> Course Reports> "Hide and Show colums" is ovelapping on top toolbar on scrolling down the page.
#62429 Backend> Reports> Lesson Reports> "Hide and Show colums" is ovelapping on top toolbar on scrolling down the page.
#62428 Backend> Reports> Student Course Report> "Hide and Show colums" is ovelapping on top toolbar on scrolling down the page.
#62426 Backend> Reports> User Reports> "Hide and Show colums" is ovelapping on top toolbar on scrolling down the page.
#62421 Email: Creator of the subject also gets an email of enrollment of user
#62095 Front panel>>course landing page>>click course category>>count of student enrolled needs to be align
#62094 Front panel>>course landing page>>click course category>>Like count is different than actual count
#62077 Front panel>>Notices comes on dashboard when login with new user
#61998 Fatal error on buy page
#61712 Front panel>>Get certificate>>Unable to see the certificate
#61667 Admin panel>>Lesson Report>>Shows notices
#61665 Backend> Settings> Social Integration>Repeated text.
#61661 Frontend>Enrolled courses page
#61659 Admin panel>>Courses landing page >>shows parse error
#61655 Front panel>>Enrolled Courses block>>View All>> Page shows fatal error
#61629 Front panel>>After deleting order from back panel ,user has to buy again but no buy but is there
#61568 Frontend> Attempt Report> Onclicking attempts link getting a notice and unable to see any report.
#61557 Backend>Reports> Lesson Reports
#61550 Front panel>>Course landing page>>Add comment and edit comments both have different color buttons
#61540 Front panel>> Dashboard" enrolled course block" count mismatch with the "my enrolled course"
#61508 Admin panel>>Create course>>URL alias>> Entered value in URL alias "AAAAA!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:"?>"
#61482 Frontend> Order Page> Page heading missing
#61472 Forntend>Dashboard> Inprogress Courses count shows -ive number when all the courses are unpublished for a particular user.
#61468 Front panel>>Dashboard>>Enrolled courses block>> Get certificate and course % should in line not below name of course,as its messing UI
#61467 Frontend> Dashboard> Date filter> Border missing for search and clear buttons
#61465 Backend> LHS Menu > Hide/Unhide arrow
#61426 Frontend> Enrolled Courses Page
#61324 Backend> Create Question> Cancel button should be there.
#61320 Backend> Settings> Payment Settings> Payment Gateways> Incorrect spelling of Cheque
#61314 Backend> Settings> Social Integration> Language constant missing
#61259 Admin panel>>Create course>> prev button icon should be in back direction
#61171 Backend> Create Course
#61117 Frontend> Dashboard> Notices coming on dashboard
#61103 Front panel>>Like lesson>>shows error loading document
#61094 Front panel>>Lesson landing page>>Notices comes on clicking comments
#61074 Front panel>>course landing page>>launch button UI is improper
#61073 Front panel>>Course Landing page>>For documents lesson format tracking ain't happening
#61061 Save & new, Save buttons are not shown while creating a question
#61059 Front panel>>Course >> Course name contain "> shows href in course block and unable to click the link
#61052 Front end :> Course landing page>>Notices comes on this page
#61051 Front>>Dashboard>> Activity graph>> shows data for new users
#60977 Admin panel>> kpoint video>>In pop-up videos for kpoint does not get selected
#60968 Admin panel>>Question bank>Questions>Textbox for answer should be align
#60961 Front panel>> Courses>> No course message needs to be change(Check screenshot)
#60960 Admin panel>>Courses>>View reports>>reports>>When completes the All lesson for user,Course counts needs to be updated too
#60952 Admin panel>> Question bank>>Create new question >>Answer tab>> While selecting the option two as correct answer question does not get saved
#60950 Admin panel>>Question bank>>Create New Question>>Answer Tab>> Reorder and removed postions are switched
#60949 Question Bank :: On editing the question,Radio button for correct answers get removed
#60943 Front panel>>Enrolled courses>>Once user land on this page,It should show only enrolled courses even after switching to categories.
#60926 Frontend> Buy Course
#60901 Frontend> Buy Course
#60880 Email of a user not shown in any of the report
#60861 Language constant missing for aphauser points
#60860 On back end-> Create quiz= User not able to create quiz.
#60855 aplha user point not working
#60844 Front panel>>Course landing page>> Main menu comes downward>>Check screenshot(Only on IE)
#60778 Backend>Courses>Reports
#60759 Alias for Courses and lessons
#60757 Mailchimp plugin: name change
#60746 Email Setting>> Send email after quiz completion not working
#60735 Admin panel>>Add course>>Course pricing>>while saving Subscription it shows error message??LMS_SUBSCRIPTION_PLAN_DIGIT_VALIDATION??
#60722 Frontend>Lesson view>Playlist Hide/Unhide issue
#60672 Frontend> PDF lesson
#60662 Bakcend>Create Course> Scrom file upload error
#60590 Backend>Courses>Reports> Pop-up needs to be aligned.
#60586 Backend>Edit course> Error message missing.
#60546 Backend>Changing status of course from Free to Paid.> Proper Error message should be displayed.
#60544 Frontend> Unable to Enroll to a course.
#60514 Backend> Dashboard> Orders count in not correct
#60511 Backend>Reports> Save query not working
#60507 Admin panel>> courses>>view report>>update the view report section
#60506 Backend> Manage enrollment > Search tools are displaying by default.
#60505 Admin panel>>Courses>>View reports>>reports>>Able to see all lessons which are not completed
#60501 Backend>Create lesson> oh hovering field title html tags are getting displayed.
#60499 Backend> Create Course> Text & Media> Simple WYS|WYG Editor> Language constant missing on buttons.
#60476 On front end-> Course details page= Popup occurred for Like & Dislike option.
#60468 On front end-> Recommended course= Fatal error occurred.
#60462 Backend>Enrolled users>Language constant missing
#60446 Frontend> Under Subscription > Button name should be "Buy now" instead of "Login".
#60441 On back end-> Course page-> View report page= Reports not display proper on reports and view reports link.
#60439 Frontend> Recommend User>FATAL error
#60436 On back end-> Activities page= Language constant missing on page.
#60433 On back end-> Create paid course= User able to create course with 0 price.
#60428 Frontend> Order Page> Language Constant missing.
#60415 Admin panel>>Report Engine>>hide and show opens automatically once data enter in ID,name etc column
#60414 Admin panel>>> Course >> Course name >>Course link is too long >>needs to be text length
#60372 On back end-> Report= Display extra pages after search activity.
#60366 On front end-> Course page= Paid course is not accessible when it's order is in completed state.
#60361 On front end-> check out flow-> Pay By cheque= Display 2 comment fields.
#60299 Front panel>> Dashboard>> My discussions>>For new users also discussions are visible
#60293 Front panel>> Dashboard>> Enrolled courses block>>Show latest courses enrolled in listing
#60292 Front panel>>Course Content >>Status is not updating in IE(check screenshot)
#60198 Front panel >>course landing page>>Recommend>>UI is messed up
#60197 Front panel>>Shows error "Sorry! you can not access the course!. Admin has not approved your enrollment yet!"
#60186 Admin panel>>upload scorm lesson>>for some scorm>>shows error something went wrong also 404 error in console
#60180 Front panel>>course landing page>>buy now>>shows 1054 error
#60159 On front end-> Paid course page= Display language constant missing for message.
#60155 On front end-> Paid course= Getting error page on buy process.
#60110 Admin Panel>>Report engine>>Enter grabage value in report id textbox and enter shows error message
#60103 On back end-> Question bank-> Create quiz= While click on Next button there is no any error message for required field.
#60102 On back end-> Question bank-> Create quiz= Page is not totally covered at top.
#59998 On front end-> Launch quiz= Display 0 minutes time limit display for blank Time duration.
#59996 On back end-> Create quiz-> Add new question= Next button not functional.
#59983 On back end-> Create course-> Course pricing= Blank error message for invalid inputs
#59922 On back end-> Create quiz-> Time limit= Button is display in same color.
#59837 Admin panel>>Lesson report>>Status>> quiz is always show "Not Viewed" when time duration is not specified
#59834 Front panel>>Review answer-sheet>>When not setting "time duration" in back panel then "time taken" label is shown on answer-sheet.
#59832 Quiz issue
#59824 On back end-> Dashboard= Pink color strip display when popup occurred for invalid date search.
#59693 Backend> Course category page> UI is different from the rest of the LHS menus.
#59610 On back end-> Create course-> Course pricing= Course can get create with 0 duration & price.
#59574 Front panel>>Course landing page >>When user is not logged in then UI is messed up
#59571 Admin panel>>Report Engine>>hide and show column not working
#59564 Front panel>>Quiz answersheet>> mention course name on answersheet
#59562 Admin panel>Report engine>>Report highlight functionality not working
#59560 Admin panel>>Attempt report>>Pagination not working
#59559 Admin panel>>Activities>>Language constant missing for activity time
#59558 Admin panel>>Activities>>Language constant missing for activity heading
#59557 Admin panel>> Attempt report>>save option or auto save message if admin edit the records
#59556 Admin panel>>Attempt report>>Search ain't working
#59553 Admin panel>>Lesson format>>Text/Media>> Language constant missing for save and close button
#59552 Admin Panel>> Attempt report>> Inconsistent size for status drop down
#59535 Front Panel>> IE browser>> SCORM aint uploading
#59504 Admin panel>>Create Course>Course pricing tab name should be changed to Course Type
#59503 Admin panel>> Create course with different username>>Does not get saved for the super admin who is logged in currently
#59490 Backend>Add Course>Pricing> Amounts filed:- language constant missing
#59488 On back end-> Create quiz-> Pick question= Need gap between page limit drop down & scroll bar.
#59487 Report engine - lesson report - hide and show column not working
#59484 Error in console if aphabet is search in ID fields for report engine
#59481 On back end-> Question bank= Change error message as notice for used question.
#59465 Admin panel>>Create course>>Course pricing>>"-" sign not visible
#59460 On back end-> Course page= Quiz can't get delete.
#59457 On back end-> Create quiz-> Time Duration(in minutes)= Error message have language constant missing for invalid input.
#59446 On back end-> Create course-> Course pricing= Minus sign missing on button.
#59442 On back end-> Create course-> Course pricing= Language constant for price field text.
#59402 Unwanted scroll on course view page
#59356 On back end-> Dashboard= Need clear message text for alert popup.
#59354 Front panel>>Attempt Quiz
#59353 On back end-> Course page= Language constant missing for delete quiz popup.
#59352 On back end-> Create lesson-> Lesson format= File name display as it is after abort process.
#59268 Admin Panel>>Create quiz>>notices comes on page
#59231 When clicking on the link for the category name while on the course page, gives you a 404 error:
#59215 Admin Panel>>Courses>>Module>>UI is not proper when create new module
#59213 Admin panel>>Choose file format>select invalid format>>ABort button is visible
#59212 Admin panel>>Courses>>Lesson format>>Placeholder text for upload file format is not visible
#59153 On back end-> Manage Enrollment-> Import csv= Warning message occurred on uploading wrong file extension.
#59145 Admin panel>> No of attempts should be integer as it takes decimal value too
#59144 On back end-> Activities= Need some space between filters.
#59143 Admin panel>>Quiz>> Edit quiz >>Shows error >>COM_TJLMS_NO_OF_ATTEMPT_VALIDATION_MSG
#59136 On back end-> Create lesson-> Document lesson format= Preview button not functional for attached file.
#59135 Backend>Upload course>Warning message on uploading HTML5 course.
#59133 Backend>Upload course>"Abort"should look like a button and on hovering it hand cursor should appear.
#59112 Front panel>>courses>> for long text in title UI gets messed up
#59050 On back end-> Create quiz-> Pick questions= UI break for all filters.
#59024 On front end-> Launch quiz= User can able to see those questions which is unpublished from question bank at back end.
#59019 On back end-> create course= There is no consistency for alert message facility.
#59016 On back end-> create course= Wrong message in popup for start date.
#59013 On back end-> create course= Popup have wrong message for blank Access level field.
#59010 On back end-> create course= Mention correct field name in popup.
#59006 On back end-> create course= Elaborate popup message correctly for category.
#58991 On back end-> create quiz= Deleted quiz display in existing quiz list.
#58977 On back end-> under course page= Wrong message contents for delete quiz confirmation popup.
#58919 Backened>Add new Quiz> Pick Questions - UI issue
#58911 Backend>Manage Enrollment>CSV upload error
#58901 Backend>Create Lesson>HTML 5 >>while uploading Shows error
#58884 On front end-> Launch quiz= Time count down not display if it is set 'Yes' while creating quiz.
#58875 Admin Panel>> Create Lesson>> for incomplete lesson highlight the particular lesson or throw message near by it
#58874 On front end -> Dashboard-> My Recommended Courses= Recommended course cant get update in My Recommended Courses module.
#58869 Admin Panel>> Create Lesson>> Incomplete lesson creation should not be visible in pre-requisite
#58855 Admin panel>> Course should be accessible to all super users
#58851 On back end-> order= Make order complete successfully message strip color green.
#58850 On front end-> as guest user-> Paid course detail page= User redirected to check out flow after login which was already purchased course.
#58848 On back end-> Edit lesson option= Hyphen display while cursor moves on edit lesson option.
#58847 Admin panel>>Create course>>Course pricing tab>>Free button border is highlighted in RED unnecessary
#58846 On front end-> Guest user-> Paid course detail page= Right side bar missing for 'Available Subscription plans' module.
#58845 On back end-> Create quiz= Language constant missing on error message for editing Number of attempts count.
#58842 On back end-> Create lesson-> Lesson format= Launch button get remove while changing format.
#58841 Admin panel>>Create course>>Course pricing>>Unable to select the subscription plan from drop down
#58838 On back end-> Manage enrollment-> Upload csv file popup= Too much gap between Title and field for select file option.
#58834 On back end-> Lesson report= Error page occurred on Export CSV.
#58830 On back end-> Create lesson= No option for close associate file selection window.
#58823 On back end-> Lesson report= Status column check box have UI issue.
#58822 On back end-> Attempt report= Language constant missing on popup while hiding all columns.
#58770 Admin panel>> create quiz>>Enter Minutes Before Showing 'Time Finished Alert' text box hides
#58767 On back end-> LMS admin-> Permissions= Language Constant missing for some actions title.
#58758 Admin panel>> Lesson upload>> Behavior of all lesson needs to be same
#58749 Admin panel>>Create lesson>>Add semi transparent patch during lesson upload
#58744 On back end-> Create quiz-> Add question-> Auto pick question= All field can't get seperate .
#58743 On back end-> Create quiz-> Auto pick question= Same message occurred multiple time.
#58741 Frontend>>Course landing page>>Notices comes if URL is changed
#58740 On back end-> Attempt report= Quiz listed in lesson name column.
#58686 On front end-> Paid course page= Module get overlapped for guest user.
#58669 On back end-> Report-> Lesson report= Language constant missing for ID column.
#58667 On back end-> Activities= Filter position is wrong.
#58622 Front panel>> Course landing page>>After using long word in course desc,UI messed up
#58603 On back end-> Certificate template= There is no option to discard changes.
#58602 On front end-> Paid course-> Check out flow= Text area width causes UI issue.
#58601 On front end-> Paid course-> Check out flow= Description text get misaligned for 'Contact here for further payment process'.
#58600 On front end-> Paid course-> Check out flow= Need gap for preview button text contains.
#58598 On front end-> Paid course-> Check out flow= Preview button misaligned.
#58597 On front end-> Paid course-> Check out flow= Confirm order text not aligned in middle.
#58595 On front end-> Paid course-> Check out flow-> PayBy Cheque= Colon missing for the Order Information.
#58594 On front end-> Paid course-> Check out flow-> PayBy cheque & PayBy Purchase Order= Title & description misaligned.
#58592 On front end-> Paid courses-> Check out flow= Radio button misaligned for select geteway.
#58575 On front end-> Paid courses-> Check out flow= Country & state text can't display clearly.
#58561 On back end-> Manage enrollment-> Upload csv= Wrong spelling in message.
#58560 On back end-> Create course= Alert popup have language constant missing for invalid leap year date.
#58556 On backend-> Question bank-> Create quiz= Duplicate answer get save using with space.
#58553 On back end-> Dashboard= Language constant missing on alert message popup.
#58549 On front end-> Enrolled Course page= Pagination bar missing for page limit.
#58547 Backend > LHS menu styling is different for "Question Bank" as compared to the rest.
#58531 On back end-> Plugins: ltiresource= Language constant missing.
#58505 On front end= My SQL error occurred.
#58494 On back end-> Activities page= Deleted user display.
#58492 Admin panel>>Create quiz>Auto pick question>>Pop view>> After blank search>> View needs to align
#58491 Admin panel>>Create quiz>Auto pick question>>Pop view>>alert message should come after search filter (refer screenshot)
#58489 Admin panel>>Create Quiz>>Pick question>>Pagination does not works in pop-up
#58481 On front end-> Course details page-> Quiz related launch button= Quiz launch button related tool tip have wrong text.
#58476 SCORM lesson shows blank page while launch.
#58474 Admin panel>> Report engin>>Disable all reports after unpublished the user report plugin
#58469 On front end= Review quiz answer sheet display on home page.
#58457 On front end-> Course details page-> Enrolled Users module= Need more gap between avatars.
#58446 Admin panel>>Side bar>>Question bank>> all icons missing after clicking on QB
#58438 Admin panel>HTML 5 lesson upload>>unable to upload>> Shows error
#58273 Admin panel>>lesson format>>text and media>> after saving lesson ,switch between the other lesson tab>>shows notices
#58241 Recommend and assign button not shown on course page
#58217 Admin panel>> Quiz>> Edit quiz>>Shows Error "Enter non zero marks for question."
#58215 Admin panel>>Create New Question>> UI issue with Ideal Time Duration (in minutes) textbox
#58199 On Back end-> LMS Admin-> Shika config-> Permissions= Language constant missing in tool tip for multiple actions.
#58181 Admin Panel>> Create Scorm Lesson>>Throws Error
#58180 On Back end-> LMS Admin-> Shika config-> Lesson setting-> Lesson layout settings= Language constant missing for tool tip
#58179 On Back end-> LMS Admin-> Shika config-> General -> Load bootstrap manually= Wrong spelling for YES in tool tip.
#58178 On Back end-> LMS Admin-> Shika config-> General -> Course creation settings= Some thing is missing in tool tip after 'If set...'
#58177 On Back end-> LMS Admin-> Shika config-> General -> Course Enrollment settings= YES is in different font in all 3 options tool tip.
#58176 On front end-> Paid courses-> Purchased with flow= Buy button missing if order is failed.
#58156 incorrect itemid for dashboard element
#58132 On front end-> Course page= Login button causes NOT FOUND message for guest user.
#58124 For both the panel session is not getting record
#58123 Front panel>> All activities>> Correct the hours spelling
#58115 On back end-> Report-> Attempt report= All columns till display when all columns is hide.
#58113 On back end-> Report-> Lesson report= All columns cant get hide.
#58111 On back end-> Report-> Lesson report= Id column can get hide.
#58110 On back end-> Report-> Student course report= Hide and show columns not working properly.
#58103 Front panel>>Courses>>Check out the course categories block>> Unable to distinguish child courses categories
#58102 issue with sef url when lesson content special charector in it.
#58096 Admin panel>> Quiz>>Click on Create new quiz >> observe>>Detail page in not align
#58095 Admin panel>>Courses>>create Module page >> Enter Title needs to align
#58094 Front panel>>Dashboard>>Enrolled Courses Block>> UI messed up if the name is longer upto 50 word
#58004 Front panel>>Course landing page>>Notices comes if URL is changed
#57861 On back end-> Existing quiz= Error message display while editing.
#57854 On back end-> Create quiz-> Add question-> Answer= Heading and fields misaligned.
#57852 Frontend > Like/dislike > On clicking throwing a message Error loading document.
#57847 Frontend > Category names didn't change
#57846 add rooturl variable for tmt while loding js file from strapper and test if working
#57839 Frontend > Quiz > Incomplete text visble at top left corner.
#57838 Frontend > Dashboard > Get Certificate
#57836 Front panel>>Dashboard>>Enrolled courses list>>View All button missing
#57789 Admin panel>>Create lesson >> Choose Kpoint video as format> Unable to select the video
#57783 On back end-> Create quiz-> Add new question-> Answer page= Comment field can accepts blank spaces.
#57764 On back end-> Create lesson-> Associate file= File can't get insert for 'already used files'.
#57762 On back end-> Create lesson-> Associate file= Select all check box can't work for 'already used files'.
#57761 On back end-> Create lesson-> Associate file= Search filter can't work for 'already used files'.
#57755 On front end-> Course details page= Wrong message contents for expired document type lesson.
#57754 On front end-> Course detail page= Wrong message contents for launch button for attempt exhausted lesson.
#57586 On backend-> Edit quiz= No of attempts should be editable.
#57559 Email::After enrollment,change the spelling of enrollment in mail
#57529 On back end-> Add course= Category field get disable while occurring created by popup.
#57523 On back end-> Course-> Create quiz-> Time limit= Show time finish alert option not working proper. It display Time Finish Alert error message for wrong condition.
#57507 Front Panel>Course detail page>>Buy now button is not there
#57503 On frontend-> launched lesson= Language constant missing for close option.
#57502 On front end-> Launched lesson= Language constant missing for download option.
#57440 On backend-> Plugins= Language constant missing. (plugin id 10015)
#57438 On backend-> Create course= Error page occurred for invalid date input.
#57436 On backend-> Create lesson= Infinite ajax cal for save & next button.
#57435 On backend-> Create lesson= Lesson format page display blank if user insert less end date.
#57434 Dashboard>Recommended courses:: Recommend users button not available
#57430 On frontend-> Orders= Check boxes not aligned proper.
#57428 On frontend-> Dashboard= Spent time can't get update for those quiz which doesn't have time duration.
#57419 Front panel>> like course>>shows message error loading document
#57417 Front panel>>Course detail page>>notices comes on page
#57409 Backend> Quiz> Language Constant missing
#57402 Backend>Uploading non-scrom zip
#57394 Front panel>>launch lesson>>notices comes on page
#57393 Error messages after launching lesson.
#57391 Admin -> quiz date issue
#57385 Front panel>>Without login click on like/dislike button >>Ask to login and throws error
#57379 Error message on Courses Content page.
#57362 Admin panel>>Courses>>associate file>>select>>click on search>>error comes
#57357 On front end-> check out form-> Billing details= Garbage value display in country drop down as 'C�?te D\'Ivoire'
#57351 Front panel>>Launch lesson>>layout drop down not visible
#57349 Front panel>>launch lesson >>jlike tool bar aint working
#57345 Front panel>>launch lesson>>jlike toolbar missing language constant
#57340 Front panel>>launch html lesson >> login form module appears downward
#57334 Admin Panel>> Courses>>create course>>Correct statement from "Upload format file" to "Upload File Format"
#57324 Admin panel>> After creating kpoint lesson,it changes name in basic details
#57323 Unable to launch the quiz with a past date.
#57322 Frontend > Unable to launch the Quiz
#57321 Front panel>>payment gateway>>message for coupon expire need to change
#57320 Front panel>>Course detail page>>click on category: When lands on categories does not select current catgory
#57309 Language Constant missing
#57242 Backend>Question Bank>Import CSV
#57236 At backend-> Reports -> Hide & show columns option= UI issue with text and check boxes.
#57235 Backend-> Report= Conflicting in column hide functionality and it causes UI issue.
#57229 All error message's should be occurred on present page. Don't through message at the end of process or finishing process.
#57219 Quiz> Add questions> Difficulty level is set to "Medium" by default. It shouldn't. User should select from the drop-down.
#57201 Front panel>>Course details>> After closing scrom shows 404 error
#57197 Backend= Manage enrollment-> Import csv option= Grammatical mistake for the note.
#57160 No search tool filters for coupon view
#57095 Admin Panel>> Courses>>Date validation needed
#57084 On frontend= Start over functionality not working fine for SCORM lesson.
#57078 Front panel>> payment gateway>>Authorize.Net >>shows irrespective data in error message for invalid input
#57061 On front dashboard= Please display 'Total time spent' with clear format.
#57055 On invoice-> Tax amount= Remove hyphen at the beginning of percentages.
#57054 Front panel>>After sucessful paypal payment still ask user to BUY course
#57050 Front panel>>payment gateway>>Notice comes on selecting Authorize.Net
#57046 Front panel>>Dashboard>>Responsive issue with the status box
#57045 Front panel>> payment gateway>>Coupon>>Coupon should be used only if full payment has been made
#57044 Admin panel>> Coupons>> For today's date,coupon should be valid.
#57043 Blank message strip display for comment error message.
#57042 Quiz>> time for quiz becomes endless after specifying only alert
#57011 Admin Panel>>Courses>>Enrolled user link>>View report>>Attempts>>Show Notice
#56976 Front panel>>Dashboard>>Get certificate UI needs to be elegant
#56967 Front panel>> Activities >>Click on pagination you will be logout
#56959 Front panel>> dashboard/Course detail>>Get certificate button>> Fatal error
#56947 Front panel>> Course detail page>>Notices comes on page
#56889 Front Panel>> Dashboard>> Notices comes
#56887 Admin panel>>Attempt report>>notice comes on report
#56801 On frontend= Video lesson cant get complete.
#56790 On Backend-> Create quiz-> Add new question-> Answer= Wrong text content for comment popup.
#56787 Backend-> Question bank= Comment cant get save against answer while creating question.
#56785 Front panel>>launch html zip>>check status>>not viewed coming even after completing lesson
#56784 On front end-> For paid courses= Hide/ unpublished 'Buy' tab only on completed status.
#56783 Front panel>>Attempt quiz>> MRQ>>choosing both option shows error
#56781 Admin panel>> Publish/Unpulish module>>shows error
#56780 Front panel>> html lesson launch>.add notes>>shows error
#56779 On front end-> Dashboard= Total time spent box alignment issue.
#56778 On frontend-> Guest user= Fatal error occurred on My Activities page.
#56777 Admin panel>>Question bank>> Remove additional error message after switching the question tab
#56776 Front End>> Launch quiz >>time is not getting track>>check screenshot
#56774 back panel>>Activities>>export csv>>check the content >>shows html tags
#56773 On frontend-> Dashboard-> My Recommended Courses module= Record have wrong URL.
#56772 Front panel>>course detail page>>pie chart >> color of completion is incorrect
#56769 Front panel>> launch scorm lesson >> After click on resume>> browser error message comes
#56768 Front panel>> launch scorm lesson which has been perviously launched,shows NAN menu
#56762 Front panel>> launch lesson >>Vimeo lesson>> Resume and restart button does not comes
#56758 Create course= For guest user access level don't allow course pricing option.
#56756 Front end>> Attempt Quiz UI>>there should be gap between question,description and answers
#56755 Take Quiz>>Complete quiz>> Review answer-sheet>>Error comes
#56750 On Backend= Close button is in different style for upload csv option.
#56746 On BAckend-> Student course report= Notice display while error reporting is system default.
#56741 Admin panel>> Dashboard>> date From field >>For correct date also throws error "To date is greater than from date"
#56683 Question csv file have junk data.
#56678 On Course details page-> Course contents-> Status-> Attempts-> Score link= unwanted strip present on answer sheet.
#56665 On backend-> create lesson-> Associate files-> Select option= Popup close button's some part get hide.
#56650 Admin panel>>attempt report>>click export csv>>does not work
#56618 Admin panel -> language file parsing error
#56588 On Frontend-> Dashboard= SQL query display on dashboard page.
#56579 Front panel>> Course progress>> pie chart aint working,does not show percentage
#56578 Front panel>>Launch lesson>>Comment section click on avtar>>appear login from
#56576 FrontEnd>Course detail page>>Recommend >>after recommendation>> notice comes
#56575 FrontEnd>Course detail page>>Recommend >>after recommendation>> error comes of user deletion//check screenshot
#56573 On Backend-> Dashboard-> Date field= Language constant missing on validation popup.
#56540 Admin panel>> parsing error in language file
#56538 Responsive issue>>Admin panel>> Dashboard>>Ui improper
#56499 FrontEnd>> Activities>Logout>>500 error
#56496 Front panel>>Activities menu >>select pagination>>throws error 505
#56495 Front Panel>>Course detail page>>Comments section>>click on avtar>>gets notices and error
#56494 Create question-> Answer page= Need mandatory sign for comment field.
#56493 Unable to create quiz.
#56477 Front Panel>>Course details>>Click on Back to top>> Throws notices and warning
#56424 Admin panel>>Courses>>Lesson format>>save html>> remove siffix after saving html zip
#56423 Front end>>payment gateway>State is not getting populated
#56415 Multiple entries for same user is shown on -> enrolled user -> course list view
#56413 Search in Attempt report is not working properly.
#56412 Admin panel>> Click on question category>>Additional reports are not visible
#56410 user can be able to enroll more than once from backend
#56407 Can not add more than 250 chars for Question and desc
#56404 Admin panel>>Options>Spelling change>>refer screenshot
#56391 Admin panel>>Courses>>lesson creation>> message after creation>>unable to see it,just in few nano second ,it closed
#56389 Admin panel>> Courses>>Modules>>Incorrect message in pop -up
#56385 Admin panel>>Courses>>create module>> remove "OR" which is between two buttons
#56381 I E>> Front panel>>MY dahboard>> UI issue> Menu changes> moves downward
#56375 On Admin-> Create lesson= Unable to re-upload HTML zip file while edit lesson.
#56373 Error message occurred while try to create lesson with SCORM & HTML lesson format.
#56356 Language constant missing for successful message to unlock any record.
#56346 Front end>> Course detail page>>After adding tags more the five changes the UI of page-UBER and overlapp the tags in defualt template
#56312 Admin->dashboard-> Extra space found for no data
#56290 Admin panel>>Top menu Certificate Icon Needs to be change
#56288 Admin panel>>Add Copuons>>Value type>>Button named as "file type" needs to be "Flat rate"
#56284 Manage Enrollment>> Import CSV>> Not working
#56276 admin panel>> Question Bank>> Import Quiz>>Close button is disble
#56275 admin panel>> Question Bank>> Import Quiz>>Error
#56269 500 error occurred while clicking on 'Tjlms-Users log' plugin.
#56257 Close button not display clearly on quiz csv popup
#56245 'Enter Minutes Before Showing 'Time Finished Alert'' field should be mandatory if user select Yes for 'Show Time Finished Alert'
#56244 Give proper message while time out for quiz.
#56237 UI break for brows button on upload question csv popup.
#56235 Language constant missing for question csv upload functionality.
#56156 admin panel>> In side menu its manage enrollment but on top heading its manage enrollments
#56143 On Create coupons-> Name & Code field can accepts blank spaces in it.
#56142 Error page occurred for invalid date inpute.
#56141 Do proper unit testing. On Coupons -> Can accepts valid date greater than expires date.
#56132 Uber= On Course details page-> Recommend button not aligned proper.
#56129 Uber= Search filter UI break on Enrolled, Liked & Orders page.
#56009 Add quiz form can't get close.
#55999 Check file size for HTML option.
#55861 Free button cant get highlight properly
#55854 Check spelling mistake in popup.
#55851 Front end= Recommendation message display wrong contents.
#55788 On back end= Video get deleted while update lesson.
#55745 Backend = On Dashboard-> Most Active Students module= Profile pic working as link but it redirect wrong.
#55660 Delete button display for module and it not functional.
#55653 On Create new question-> Answer = Field cant get highlighted if it mandatory.
#55634 Check whole sentence. (Kindly request to do unit testing properly)
#55628 Video uploaded using Jwplayer not playing on site having SSL
#55627 Video uploaded using Vimeo not playing on site having SSL
#55512 Column name not match.
#55499 On frontend-> Launch lesson= Display typos issue on comment.
#55496 On frontend-> Launch lesson= Front end home page display in lesson page.
#55480 On frontend-> Course page= Button name not display clearly.
#55473 On Lesson format-> Video / Audio format= Having UI issue.
#55466 Options get hide on Add course page.
#55461 Admi panel>> Text media>>Editor>> UI is messy
#55460 Admin panel>>Text/media UI for launch button is improper
#55457 Admin panel>> Quiz >> Attempt Grade >> Needs to be Inticap
#55456 Admin panel>> Quiz>.Once you remove extra question,which shows error,total [...]
#55455 Admin panel>>Creation of quiz in course>> Needs to have succesfull saved m[...]
#55454 Admin Panel>> Create new question>Enter Answer and Save next>>Succesfull M[...]
#55452 Front Panel>> Activities Menu Shows Error,page request can't be found
#55448 Front Panel>> MY Courses,My Enrolled COurses,My LIked courses needs to have UI like Orders Page
#55447 Front Panel>> Enrolled Courses >>Title needs to be My enrolled Courses
#55446 Front panel>> Dashborad>> Dashboard text need to lbe align

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