Canva for Joomla 1.1 Stable

Released on: Wednesday, 30 September 2015 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

v1.1 adds support for 30+ new Canva design types

New design types added:
Social Media Posts: Twitter Post, Social Media Graphic, Instagram Post, Tumbler Graphic
Documents: US Letter, a4, Letterhead US, A4 Size Letterhead, Desktop Wallpaper, Magazine Cover, Resume
Events: Postcard, Wedding Invitation, Invitation (portrait), Invitation, Card, Photo Collage
Blogging & eBooks: eBook, Album Cover, Infographic, Small Kindle Cover
Marketing Materials: Real Estate Flyer, Poster US, Poster, Food and Drink Menu, Business Card, Flyer, Gift Certificate
Social Media & Email Headers: Youtube Channel Art, Email Header, Etsy Banner, Tumbler Banner
Ads: Wide Skyscraper Ad

Changelog v1.1:

+ #51295 Joomla update notification support
+ #50723 Add support for 30+ new design types available at

Bug Fixes(4):
- #56110 Plugin Manager - Canva Image Editor - Language constant missing
- #56109 Plugin Manager - Plugins - Language constant missing for plugin names
- #50106 Can not uninstall Canva
- #49057 Warning shown on installation screen on both j2.5.28 and j3.4.3

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