Shika 1.0 Beta 15 Beta

Released on: Friday, 18 September 2015 21:01

Release notes and changelog:

In this release we have added many features as descriobed in Release Notes tab

Fetaures Added:

1. Ability to delete Questions from Question bank, which are not associated with any of the Quizzes
2. If course is deleted, its belonging modules and lesson gets deleted
3. If lesson is deleted, its belonging format and tracking data gets deleted
4. LTI(external tool) new lesson format added
5. Reporting tool build in Ajax( ability to view all reports in a single view)
6. Allow admin to review answer sheet of a test/Quiz from backend
7. Date filters to Activities and Sales Graph in Backend Dashboard
8. Email configuration (e.g. Send email after user enrols for a course)
9. Access level permissions to view backend views
10. Disabling the all plugins of a format, should remove the respective block of format while adding a lesson

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