Shika 1.0 Beta 14 Beta

Released on: Friday, 10 July 2015 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

Beta 14 is with some more new  features, bug fixes and minor improvements. You can view detailed changed log in Release notes tab

Features Added:

#49424 Attempt wise report in backend
#48917 Lesson reports in backend
#48040 Course Report in backend
#48039 User reports in backend

Bugs Fixed :

#49157 My dashborad page UI is broken
#49155 Breadcrumbs on lesson page are not working
#49097 Lessons are not getting launched
#49032 Getting error column "no_of_lessons" does not exists in tjlms_course_track on closing the lesson
#49031 SQL error on Dashbord "table #__social_discussion" does not exists
#49029 SQL error on Dashbord "table #__social_cluster" does not exists
#48888 Unnecessary scroll bar appearing on the Orders page in backend
#48855 The Certificate Term settings in front-end and back-end aren't match (screenshot attached).
#48847 Bydefault all the activities should be selected in "Social activity stream to post"
#48846 SQL error on clining on "Select users" of Recommend this course : jlike_todo table does not exists
#48843 Language constant missing PLG_JLIKE_TJLMS_RECOMMEND_FOR_COURSE
#48840 Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$showrecommendbtn in /components/com_jlike/views/jlike/tmpl/default.php on line 406
#48714 toolbar missing for userreport view backend
#48704 Activity view do not have a heading - backend
#48703 change in userreport query. As now it fetches all the users. ideally should fetch only users who have atlst 1 course enrolled
#48697 Add filters to user reports
#48488 sorting not working for course report
#48487 sorting for remaning column in users report
#48239 Backend - Certificate Template Page: Clicking Save & Close does not redirect to LMS Dashboard
#48233 Spelling Error on Course Page
#47853 Course image need not to be mandatory
#47771 Points cant get update in 'Complete lesson' table for Quiz.
#47432 Error message occurred while user try to enroll user for course.
#44977 - There's a button for importing questions from CSV file, but the upload box is not working; file was uploaded, but no question added, and no error message shown as in 01.png.

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