JTicketing 1.6.1 Stable

Released on: Wednesday, 08 July 2015 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

JTicketing v1.6 release.

Hi all,

We have released JTicketing 1.6.1  which includes calendar Invites for google..Also Mobile APP upgraded to support multiple ticket selection and checkin

New Installation Instructions -

1. Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before installation
2. Install com_tjfields (1_com_tj-fields) first.
3. Install com_jticketing (2_com_jticketing_v1.6.1)

Upgrading Instructions -
1. Take a backup any changes you have made to JTicketing code / language files / template view overrides etc 
2. Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before upgrade
3. Install com_tjfields (1_com_tj-fields) first.
4. Install com_jticketing (2_com_jticketing_v1.6.1)

#48546 Ability to hide access levels and select default access level for ticket types
#43294 Attach ICS file with ticket also add ability to download on event details page. This will show(Attend/Not attend button on outlook)
42957 Feature to publish/Upublish ticket types while creating
#42968 Ability to show ticket description while chekcout. Also added option for this.

Bug fixes:-
#47360 order not getting placed on some site SEF issue
#47055 Easysocial profile import not working for billing information
#43001 Call to undefined method IntegrationsHelper::profileImport() in
ml.php on line 174
#42959 For all events menu you can select default category as 'all events'
#42953 Event Date showing wrong for easysocial on checkout page. Also my tickets view
#42952 Default check for radio button during checkout process
#41547 Jticketing Menu module not showing

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