Shika 1.0 Beta 13 Beta

Released on: Saturday, 20 June 2015 19:59

Release notes and changelog:

Beta 13 is with some more new  features, bug fixes and minor improvements. You can view detailed changed log in Release notes tab

Features Added:

#47902 Add dashboard widgets in shika. 1- time spent 2- my groups 3- my discussion
#42803 Mailchimp plugin for course enrollment
#39190 ACY Mailing integration

Bugs Fixed :

#47910 blank page on dashboard view in frontend
#47908 fatal error on lesson completion.
#47866 Notice: Undefined variable: courseProgress in components/com_tjlms/helpers/tracking.php on line 531
#47852 Backend dashboard : showing Courses =0 and student enrolled = 2
#47848 Notice: Undefined property: PlgTjlmsdashboardLikedlesson::$launch_lesson_full_screen in plugins/tjlmsdashboard/likedlesson/likedlesson/tmpl/default.php on line 43
#47846 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in tjlms/dashboard/enrolledcourses/enrolledcourses/tmpl/default.php on line 34
#47845 Warning: Missing argument 2 for TjlmsCoursesHelper::getCourseProgress(), called in tjlmsdashboard/enrolledcourses/enrolledcourses.php on line 156 and defined in /var/www/html/demo/components/com_tjlms/helper
#47844 Fatal error: Call to undefined method TjlmsCoursesHelper::getmoduledata() in plugins/tjlmsdashboard/enrolledcourses/enrolledcourses.php on line 156
#47843 Warning: Creating default object from empty value in components/com_tjlms/models/course.php on line 232
#47842 Notice: Undefined index: complitionPercent in modules/mod_lms_course_blocks/mod_lms_course_blocks.php on line 116
#47841 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in components/com_tjlms/models/course.php on line 231
#47794 Wrong text displayed at Course progress module.
#47777 Course cant get open on front end.
#47771 Points cant get update in 'Complete lesson' table for Quiz.
#47742 Spelling mistake on Shika configuration page at Short description character pin view field name.
#47618 In answer sheet = Check boxes is enable.
#47560 On Launch quiz page = If more than 5 questions present then there is no option how to go next question or page.
#47545 On Dashboard-> My Liked lessons = Launch button not functional.
#47519 On Pick question = Select all check box option not working properly.
#47498 Those course displayed in pin view whose start date is larger than current date.
#47448 Daily task for shika
#47441 Launch question-> Observe the marks position.
#47226 Answer sheet UI - heading misplaced
#47225 Add next and prev btn for test. While taking test - frontend
#45183 Only the links on the (small) title lead to the course. I would prefer to have the whole pin or at least the image of the course used as a link, so users can easily move and don¥t have to search for "where is the link"?
#45181 On the Pin-Layout the short-description is cut off to early, and the frontend doesn¥t react if I enlarge the setting in the backend. There is just no way to show a longer text, even if it is saved in the backend.
#44821 Course is accessable even if deleted from backend
#44488 Dashboard should not show deleted Courses in the Dashboard widgets (except maybe activities)
#44267 Quiz: While i go on clicking next- getting a blank page at the end. see screenshot
#44264 Quiz: When i go on clicking "Next" and when I come to last tab, Intead of showing "Save & Close" getting "Next" button.
#44254 Time spent is not correct for Kpoint video. - see attached screenshot
#44253 Frontend: While enrolling getting error. - see attached screenshot
#44058 MRQ ans are not getting saved.. getting a error message "Marks for answer option can not be greater than marks for question" although entered correct marks
#43450 "Save & Close" and "Save & New" buttons are confusing, shown on "Create New Question" modal pop up
#43361 create course - add time field
#43342 Backend Dahboard : most active students : No of courses shown includes the number of trashed courses

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