JTicketing 1.6 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 26 March 2015 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

JTicketing v1.6 release.

Hi all,

We have released JTicketing 1.6 which supports easysocial events, also calendar view for events. Frontend order confirmation and many more features.


New Installation Instructions -

1. Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before installation
2. Install com_tjfields (1_com_tj-fields1.2.4-stable.zip) first.
3. Install com_jticketing (2_com_jticketing_v1.6_d2e6b885.zip)

Upgrading Instructions -
1. Take a backup any changes you have made to JTicketing code / language files / template view overrides etc 
2. Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before upgrade
3. Install com_tjfields (1_com_tj-fields1.2.4-stable.zip) first.
4. Install com_jticketing (2_com_jticketing_v1.6_d2e6b885.zip)

#29560: Calendar view for events
#29758: Pending Order confirmation from frontend for event owner.
#32555: Easysocial Events integration with Jticketing.
#32556: Easysocial Native Apps for My Events.
#32557: Easysocial Native Apps for My Ticket Purchases.
#32558: Activity stream support for Jomsocial, Easysocial.
#33338: Restrict ticket types for access levels.
#35481: Parse Content Plugins in main Event Descriptions [trigger contetn plugins].
#35482: Ability to allow checkin for event owner. Also add 'checkin' column to CSV.

Bug fixes
#39517 All order report unable to change the order status.
#39073 Backend : order view get disturbed because of the message.
#41174 'Module suffix' parameter not working correctly for jticketing Event module.
#39999 Payout report -> Unpaid amount get consider in the calculation of total amount.
#37591 Ticket type : Data get prefilled while adding new ticket.
#39083 Coupon manager -> No record found message is missing.
#39981 Menu creation - Lang constant missing on backend for my event
#36667 Mobile app showing deleted and past events.
#39072 Checkout process: Email validation required for guest checking if account exists for that email.
#36737 default country option in jticketing not working.
#40999 Payout report -> Blank message get display while saving payout report.

Other tasks and improvements
UI changes for reports.

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