Shika 1.0 Beta 9 Beta

Released on: Tuesday, 24 February 2015 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

In this release sprint we have fixed 200+ bugs. You can see the whole changelof in the Release Notes tab.


Feature #36483: Modules for Course Display

Task #35148: Code sniffer changes
Task #36005: User plugin- Option to redirect Admin to Tjlms Dashboard.. Bydefault set to NO
Task #36055: Add trigger for course completion.
Task #36604: Create Lesson: html lesson, by default the option should be 'drag n drop content builder'

Bug #33626: Uninstall shika package :: After uninstallation, data table shouldn't be delete.
Bug #33627: Fresh installation : Error loading component: com_tmt, Component not found , Error loading component: com_tjlms, Component not found
Bug #38199: Fatal error: Call to a member function getQuery() on a non-object in /homeprev/tmp/install_54dc992388ecf/packages/install_54dc992e45f93/script.tmt.php on line 526
Bug #37677: Package is not getting installed on fresh Site
Bug #38502: attempt is getting saved for preview in backend.
Bug #38575: Unknown column 'rollupruleaction' in 'field list' SQL=INSERT INTO
Bug #33706: Create Lesson :: Create lesson functionality is not working as expected, we can't create the lesson in Mozilla firefox
Bug #33708: UI issue :: Like & dislike buttons have UI issue, while access any lesson from front-end
Bug #33709: Create Lesson :: Create lesson functionality is not working as expected, for video URL, when we enter any other url except Youtube
Bug #35330: Paid Course :: Send an approval email to the admin, If any user buy the paid course & admin approval is set to 'yes'
Bug #35331: Paid Course>Create a lesson:: 'Consider as Free sample in case of paid course' option is not working as expected, If set to 'Yes'
Bug #35251: Every pop-up should have close button
Bug #34030: Crate lesson :: Associated file should be remove from the list without page refresh
Bug #34126: Create Lesson :: Wrong Error message, if mandatory field is blank and we click on the save & Next button
Bug #34018: On Launch :: ERROR_IN_SETTING_ATTEMPT Video URL lesson
Bug #30070: Course View :: Usability issue in create Course view
Bug #30077: course view :: Language constant issue in create course view
Bug #30094: TjModule view :: Application is creating module without Title
Bug #30110: Lesson Form view :: Add tool tip for all the fields
Bug #30154: Coupon Form View :: functional & Non functional issue
Bug #30369: Lesson form view :: Language constant issue with associate file option
Bug #30373: Lesson form view :: Display a message , if user does not select any file and click on upload button && Alignment of all fields should be same [REFER SCREENSHOT]
Bug #35166: error Unknown column 'assigned' in 'where clause
Bug #30391: Course form view :: Cancel button is required for multiple Subscription plan option
Bug #30429: Question Form View :: "Save" button is not working as per specification.
Bug #30451: Question List View :: Add Difficulty Level label in List view
Bug #30795: Checkout view :: UI Issue
Bug #33365: Course Details Page :: Notice: Undefined variable: array in components/com_tjlms/helpers/tracking.php on line 129 Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /components/com_tjlms/helpers/tracking.php
Bug #33618: UI issue with header, like, dislike buttons , while we run the ppt, pdf,any type of course [Guest user specific]
Bug #33622: Language constant issue :: COM_TJLMS_MESSAGE_LOGIN_FIRST
Bug #33624: Front-end : My Course view :: COM_TJLMS_NO_COURSE
Bug #33628: Lesson Form View :: Like / dislike button are very large, while we create HTML lesson
Bug #33629: On pdf course :: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$realtime_url in /var/www/lmsfresh/plugins/tjlmsdocument/boxapi/boxapi.php on line 150
Bug #33632: Course display page >> Quiz :: show 'Quiz' insted of 'tmtQuiz' on hover
Bug #33635: Quiz :: Add 'cancel' button near to 'start Quiz' button
Bug #33638: Provide 'close button' for closing the Pop-up
Bug #33643: Video API :: Language constant missing PLG_TJLMSVIDEO_API_KEY
Bug #33655: HTML Lesson :: For HTML course, by default attemped count is 1 , Even if, user has not launched the html lesson ever
Bug #33660: Coupon Form view :: Warning message Warning: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /var/www/lmsfresh/libraries/joomla/form/fields/textarea.php on line
Bug #35362: Create Lesson:: 'Text & media' lesson format is not working, no option for uploading the lesson
Bug #33661: Create Lesson :: Provide facility to Un-select lesson under Eligibility criteria option
Bug #33662: Create Lesson :: UI Issue on create lesson page [Radio button & text are getting overlapped]
Bug #33663: Course form view :: Add tool tip for All the fields
Bug #33706: Create Lesson :: Create lesson functionality is not working as expected, we can't create the lesson in Mozilla firefox
Bug #33708: UI issue :: Like & dislike buttons have UI issue, while access any lesson from front-end
Bug #34591: Add Course Form view ::UI issue with image button on safari browser
Bug #34804: Course Landing Page:: 'Assign Users' & 'Recommend course to your friend' buttons are not working on FIREFOX
Bug #34840: My Dashboard> My Liked Courses:: Course links are redirecting to Lesson Landing page.
Bug #34848: My dashboard>>Activity Stream :: Identical message in activity stream
Bug #34958: My Orders View :: Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/aasim/httpdocs/playmag/components/com_tjlms/router.php on line 212 Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/aasim/httpdocs/playmag/components/com_tjlms/router.php on line 213 Notice: Undefined offset: 0 i
Bug #35117: select box in filter module not seen properly due to template styling
Bug #35159: LMS Course block :: By default it should display on Fresh site
Bug #35160: Course details page :: Dislike button is not working as expected... dislike count is getting increased on each click
Bug #35161: Course Details page :: Notices are getting seen
Bug #35163: My Dashboard>Activity>All Activities :: Notice: Undefined variable: text_to_show in /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/components/com_tjlms/views/activities/tmpl/default.php on line 108 - 5 minutes ago Notice: Undefined variable: text_to_show in /home/aasim/htt
Bug #35164: My dashboard>>Activity Stream ::Activity after creating course is not getting added in activity stream
Bug #35165: Question Bank ::Add filter for published and unpublished question
Bug #35168: Question Bank ::Change the Header name from Manage Questions to 'Question Bank'
Bug #35170: Course Details page:: Notice: Undefined variable: esbadges in /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/modules/mod_lms_course_blocks/mod_lms_course_blocks.php on line 138
Bug #35171: Course Details page>Paid Course:: Notice: Undefined property: TjlmsViewcourse::$course_sub_plans in /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/components/com_tjlms/views/course/tmpl/default.php on line 125 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/aasim
Bug #35173: All Courses :: Change the filter label name & make 'default' to it.
Bug #35174: All Courses:: UI issue with search & clear button
Bug #35227: All Courses:: UI issue with filter
Bug #35266: Shika Configuration>General Setting:: 'Auto create group and associate it with a group' functionality is not working as expected, when it is set to 'NO'
Bug #35268: Course content>Attempts :: Notice: Undefined property: TjlmsViewreports::$attempts_report in /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/components/com_tjlms/views/reports/tmpl/attempts.php on line 7 No Data Found
Bug #35270: Shika Configuration>General setting:: 'Enrollment for Creator' functionality is not working as expected, when it is set to 'No'
Bug #35272: Shika Configuration>General setting:: Make it bold to this text 'Social Media Settings'
Bug #35278: Course details page :: UI issue in native sharing
Bug #35282: My Order view :: UI is not good
Bug #35324: Lesson Landing page:: Notes are not getting saved.
Bug #35332: Checkout:: Wrong message for expiry coupon, Change the pop-up message
Bug #35338: Vimeo Video:: Time/Attempt tracking is not working for vimeo lesson
Bug #35347: Orders view :: UI is very poor & a notice is getting shown
Bug #35348: Orders view :: Usability issue [refer screenshot]
Bug #35354: Coupon view ::Check the following bug #26749 #26746
Bug #35355: Add Coupon view:: 'Valid From' from functionality is not working, If i select valid from 20 dec 2014, Ideally the coupon code should be valid from 20 dec
Bug #35358: My dashboard>>Activity Stream :: Any blocks 'Enrolled Courses' , ' Activity' etc are not getting updated
Bug #35381: Redirect to PAID course page:: If guest user view the paid course & application redirect to login page, Then if user log into the site, Application Should redirect to course landing page
Bug #35399: Course form view:: Usability issue in category drop-down [refer screenshot]
Bug #35400: ES Badge:: Language constant missing [refer screenshot]
Bug #35401: Easy Social Alerts: Language constant missing for all alerts title
Bug #35402: Easy Social User Points:: Language constant missing for all Extension name
Bug #35407: Edit video/audio Lesson:: Application is not allowing to edit the audio/video lesson , If does not enter/upload the New video/audio URL
Bug #35415: Paid Course landing page:: Many Warnings & Notices are getting seen.
Bug #35429: Course landing page:: Enrolled button is not getting seen to admin
Bug #35435: Create Lesson:: Behavior issue, when we click over the 'Create lesson' button, Lesson page blinks many times [refer video]
Bug #35444: Course landing page::Launch should be enable for admin, If 'Enrollment for Creator' option is set to 'No'
Bug #35450: Document format type lesson :: Time tracking functionality is not working, Total spent time is not getting shown
Bug #35451: Free course>Completion :: /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/modules/mod_lms_course_blocks/mod_lms_course_blocks.php on line 133
Bug #35452: Lesson form view:: Lesson is not getting seen on Course landing page, If 'Consider for Course Marking and overall passing' is set to 'No'
Bug #35474: Course landing page:: Provide link on 'Taught by Avatar', So that user can redirect to ES profile of Taught by user by clicking on Avatar
Bug #35475: Course landing page::Usability problem with course tag
Bug #35479: All Courses:: UI issue on All courses view page [refer screenshot
Bug #35480: Paid course :: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VAR, expecting T_VARIABLE in /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/components/com_tjlms/models/buy.php on line 26
Bug #35500: Question Bank :: Language constant missing for number drop-down
Bug #35511: Lesson Form view:: Language constant missing [refer screenshot]
Bug #35512: Create course:: Change the place holder message for tag [refer screenshot]
Bug #35561: Paid Course :: ??COM_TJLMS_SUBS_EXPIRED??
Bug #35563: Paid Course:: Paid course is accessible after subscription expired
Bug #35564: Orders View :: Add a column for 'subscription plan'
Bug #35567: Module View:: Add the 'edit course link' to the title of course
Bug #35569: Lesson form view:: Lesson format name should display in the lesson format field while we upload the lesson format
Bug #35570: Lesson Form view>Associated files: Display this message 'Select files & click on 'upload files' button to add the associated files' for the ease of end user
Bug #35571: Question Bank:: Add configuration setting 'Option'
Bug #35572: Certificate Template view & Orders View:: Add configuration setting 'Option'
Bug #35581: Quiz Result page::COM_TMT_MINUTE
Bug #35583: My Dashboard> All Activities :: Add quiz lesson link in activity
Bug #35586: All course landing page:: UI issue with drop-down on firefox
Bug #35600: Create course>Paid course :: Display an error message & highlight the 'duration' & 'Price', If blank & user try to save the course
Bug #35601: Create course>paid course:: keep blank 'price' field & save the course, buy the same course from front-end, you will see the notice in subscription Area
Bug #35602: Create lesson>Associated files:: usability issue while deleting attached associated files on Firefox
Bug #35605: Quiz:: ordering of footer should not change [refer screenshot]
Bug #35607: Edit Quiz problem:: Lesson in 'Eligibility Criteria' section should be remained selected.
Bug #35610: Easy social Notification :: enrolled for :Firefox">Firefox 30 minutes ago
Bug #35611: Lesson Landing page:: Buttons are not working & 2 horizontal scroller are getting shown.
Bug #35614: Lesson Landing page:: Access where you left off functionality is not working for video format
Bug #35615: Quiz Landing page:: Notice: Undefined variable: time_spent in /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/components/com_tjlms/helpers/tracking.php on line 44
Bug #35618: Course landing page:: Eligibility criteria functionality is not working correctly, The lesson which we select in Eligibility criteria is accessible, Even if depended lesson is not completed.
Bug #35619: Quiz> Allow resume:: This functionality is not working as expected, If this is selected to 'Yes' then, Quiz should resume from where left off
Bug #35620: Module View:: Quiz lesson is not getting moved from one module to another module
Bug #35621: Module view:: Change the tool tip from 'sort this lesson' to 'You can change the order of lesson within the same module & one module to another module too'
Bug #35625: Manage Questions:: Use default filter, which we have used in all the views such as course view course cat view etc
Bug #35630: Manage Enrollments:: Publish functionality is not working
Bug #35633: Enroll User view :: Functional & Non-functional issue in Enroll user view [Refer screenshot]
Bug #35678: All Courses:Pagination is working partially,Previous & Start button are not working
Bug #35714: Dashboard>>'My Liked course' view All :: UI issue on 'my liked Course view all' landing page
Bug #35717: Dashboard>>'My Liked course' view All :: Language constant missing for select element drop-down
Bug #35720: My Dashboard> My Liked Lessons:: Lessons links are redirecting to very poor Lesson Landing page
Bug #35759: Lesson Landing page:: Comment delete / edit functionality is not working!
Bug #35760: Lesson Landing page>View LIst:: Add 'delete' button in list view to delete unwanted list from the list view
Bug #35763: Email On Quiz Attempt :: Wrong content is getting sent to the user, Who participated in the quiz
Bug #35765: Quiz Result page:: message related to question attempted is not getting displayed completely.
Bug #35785: Create lesson:: Change the message from 'Filesize can not be greater than 5 MB' TO 'File size can not be greater than 5 MB'
Bug #35786: Quiz lesson >Result page:: Attempt question progress bar looks poor, when user does not attempt any question & finish the quiz
Bug #35790: Configuration setting>>Payment setting::Enter amount display format(currency symbol to display before or after amount) functionality is not working as expected
Bug #35792: Shika Configuration>Social Integration:: There is a spelling mistake with 'socia' [refer screenshot]
Bug #35798: Spelling mistake :: There are few spelling mistake in both admin & site language file, I made the changes using spell checker, so commit the language files in package
Bug #35802: Invoice Email: Email is not getting sent when we buy a paid course using pay by order & pay by check
Bug #35809: Recommend course :: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/components/com_tjlms/models/course.php on line 346 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/components/com_tjlms/models/co
Bug #35820: Lesson landing page :: lesson page & Header is getting override on safari browser
Bug #35821: Course landing page::'Your order is still in pending state. You can't access this course until your subscription is confirmed' ; Continuously getting appeared on screen Even after getting approval
Bug #35825: Course landing page:: Ui issue with course progress bar on Safari
Bug #35826: Course landing page>Assign User:: Ui issue with number drop-down on safari
Bug #35831: Course landing page>Assign User:: Search functionality is not working with keyboard enter
Bug #35844: Plugin>Search - Tjlms Course:: By default Search course plugin should be enabled.
Bug #36031: Dont allow user to change their payment status from frontend
Bug #36080: Recommend>Notification: remove Bug #36087: Order view:: Display success message after changing the status of order
Bug #36093: Paid Course:: Buy & Subscription plan should be visible, If the subscription of user has expired. So that he/she can BUY the same course again
Bug #36138: Not able to upload associate files for lesson
Bug #36222: Quiz Landing page:: get property of non-object in /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/components/com_tmt/models/test.php on line 544 Strict Standards: Creating default object from empty value in /home/aasim/httpdocs/lmsbeta/components/com_tmt/models/test.php on
Bug #36282: Relaunch scorm: relaunch scorm lesson functionality is not working
Bug #36323: Front-end Course Ordering should be same as back-end course ordering
Bug #36361: HTML & Media format lesson :: 'Save' button is not working for Joomla native builder
Bug #36363: HTML & Media format lesson ::In both editor (joomla native and drag & drop), site name is getting displayed
Bug #36555: Edit text media lesson : Unable to edit text media lesson , able to create only new not edit them.
Bug #36576: Course landing page:: Jomsocial Gravatar and profile link is redirected to 404
Bug #36577: Dashboard>myliked courses>Deleted course: course link is redirected to 1064 error
Bug #36580: End time for paid course not getting updated is the payment is confirm
Bug #36589: Rule file for Jomsocial
Bug #36602: css issue with modal on order view
Bug #36631: lessons are also shown on my liked courses view
Bug #36632: javascript conflict error while saving html course (drag n drop html builder)
Bug #36637: Order view:: Pagination is not working
Bug #36795: Discussions shown when JS/ES is not installed
Bug #36804: non-existent tjlms_courses table on reinstall
Bug #36806: Jomsocial notification is not working for assign & recommend course
Bug #36808: (joomla native builder)HTML & Media format lesson landing page:: needs 2px padding for images & text
Bug #36855: Create lesson:: Images missing on 'Lesson format tab' (LESSON FORMAT ICON MISSING)
Bug #36866: edit JW player lesson >> correct option not selected 'Upload Video' option always selected
Bug #36876: Course catogory: Option button should redirect to LMS Admin panel
Bug #36892: My orders view:: my orders view page should not be visible for Guest user
Bug #36894: Video lesson are not getting created
Bug #36900: Social Integrate: If we integrate the LMS with Jomsocial/EasySocial but jomsocial & easy social are not installed on the site, then display an usable message(now complete site is getting break)
Bug #36907: Edit video:: Edit video functionality is not working, If we change Video url and save the lesson. It does not work
Bug #36909: Assign User:: Pagination is not working!
Bug #36915: Quiz lesson landing page: quiz description should look like 'text' not like a link, It should have same behaviour like other lesson type
Bug #36918: Lesson Landing page: UI Issue on lesson landing page
Bug #36930: quiz landing page: Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home/aasim/httpdocs/playmag/plugins/system/plg_system_tjlms/plg_system_tjlms.php on line 462
Bug #36943: Create lesson:: Drag & Drop html builder UI issue
Bug #36947: Only one module shown on tjlms_category and tjlms_filters positions though there are more than one assigned from backend
Bug #36948: Module title not shown if modules are published on tjlms_category and tjlms_filters position
Bug #37227: should show No recommended course message on dashboard, if no course is recommended
Bug #37242: videos not loading when page loaded as secure ( HTTPS)
Bug #37261: Create Lesson:: Language constant missing in tool tip
Bug #37262: Manage Enrollment: Current enrolled user should display on the top
Bug #37268: Report View :: Reports view should not be visible for Guest user
Bug #37271: Buy Course :: Notice: Undefined variable: newgateways in /home/aasim/httpdocs/playmag/components/com_tjlms/views/buy/view.html.php on line 104
Bug #37272: Buy Course :: Buy paid course functionality is not working
Bug #37276: Buy Course:: Language constant missing "COM_TJLMS_NO_PAYMENT_GATEWAY"
Bug #37301: Discount coupons are reusable regardless of "Max Uses" and "Max Uses per User" set by the admin.
Bug #37372: Edit Lesson:: Edit lesson functionality is not working at all
Bug #37375: Recommed: User who has already recommended for a particular course should not be there in the recommend list
Bug #37377: Course List view:: Language constant missing for the string 'COM_TJLMS_COURSES_N_ITEMS_CHECKED_IN' , When we unchecked the checked course
Bug #37431: Language constant missing for 'COM_TJLMS_USER_LOGOUT'
Bug #37438: Course Landing page:: UI issue with all the buttons
Bug #37540: Question Bank ::STATUS Filter is not working at all also add the 'Trash' button in Menu
Bug #37580: Course details page:: Enroll, assign user, Recommend & Follow discussion buttons are missing also avatar links are redirect to 404
Bug #37674: Dashboard Activity: Small grammatical error
Bug #37675: All Courses Landing:: Reduce the length of filter [Paid>Free>All]
Bug #37676: Paid course & registered access level course: Show only 1 message: Sorry..! You are not Authorized to view this content. You need to login to view this page
Bug #37713: Edit lesson:: Associated files are not getting removed from the lesson
Bug #37743: Coupon & Order view:: Both views should not be depended on any back-end configuration. Coupon & Order view option should be there in Shika by defualt
Bug #37751: Getting 404 for every action like enrolment or resuming lessons if the site is hosted on subdomain
Bug #38435: Course Landing page:: UI issue with all the buttons on Uber template, needs to be center aligned.
Bug #38758: Quiz lesson:: quiz score should only be visible, If the lesson 'completed' else score should not be visible
Bug #38795: Course Details Page:: Notice: Undefined index: content_id in /home/aasim/httpdocs/uber_j33/components/com_jlike/views/jlike/view.raw.php on line 46
Bug #38922: Unnecessary extra line is shown on Course Pin on All courses view

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