Shika 1.0 Beta 5 Beta

Released on: Friday, 21 November 2014 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

Upgrade Instructions:

You just need to download the package and install it on your site. No need to uninstall the previous versions.

Note : If you are upgrading from lower version than Beta 4 please make sure that we have changed architecture of the Lessons of Video format. So if you have lessons with Video format uploaded previously, you will need to upload them again..

Features added :
Feature #34007: recommend a course to friends
Feature #34208: add meta desc & meta key field against course
Feature #34375: Add gravatar when integration set to joomla
Feature #34376: Comment on course level
Feature #34378: Menu option for layouts and categories

Bugs Fixed :

Bug #34098: My Activities view broken
Bug #34099: Rename tjScorm as HTML 5
Bug #34101: Change Shika to LMS in HTML content
Bug #34106: In Quiz changes for singular mark, minutes
Bug #34110: Score for Quiz shuld not be 1.0000
Bug #34112: Change "Content of course" to "Course contents"
Bug #34157: Change attempt grade to Attempts grading
Bug #34207: Add og tag for course view
Bug #34252: lessons are not getting launched on Firefox
Bug #34296: Course Recommendation :: Language constant missing in course recommendation notification
Bug #34350: Course Form View ::language constant missing for COM_TJLMS_FORM_LBL_META_DESC * , COM_TJLMS_FORM_LBL_METAKEY_DESC
Bug #34359: Options menu hidden
Bug #34367: Lesson landing page>> Front-end:: Download icon is not getting seen
Bug #34385: Pending enrolmemt links does not show unpublished enrolments
Bug #34386: Getting error on approving enrolment in backend
Bug #34387: Language constant missing on success of enrollment 'COM_TJLMS_COURSE_ENROL_SUCCESS'
Bug #34388: Coupons and orders menu is seeing thogh "Alllow to create paid courses" is set to NO
Bug #34389: Course Images are not shown on "My enrolled courses" view
Bug #34391: Course progress percentage shown on "My Dashboard" and "Course" are different
Bug #34392: Courses, which are unplublished or trashed are still seen in "Enrolled Courses" box on my dashboard
Bug #34394: My Dashboard - Invalid argument supplied for foreach on com_tjlms/views/dashboard/tmpl/my.php Line 240


Task done :

Task #34393: Remove "All Orders" and "My Orders" menu links from Shika
Task #34390: Show legends for "Activity chart" on dashboard
Task #33863: added component param for fixed height pin layout
Task #34073: in video plugins add Plg parameter for name to show in selectbox
Task #34097: Show latest 5 activities and time on dashborad
Task #34247: merge admin UI changes


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