Shika 1.0 Beta 4 Beta

Released on: Friday, 14 November 2014 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

Upgrade Instructions:

You just need to download the package and install it on your site. No need to uninstall the previous versions.

Note : In this version we changed architecture of the Lessons of Video format. So if you have lessons with Video format uploaded previously, you will need to upload them again..

Features added :

#33901: Support multiple types for video lesson format
#33746: Vimeo plugin support for Video lesson format
#33751: Audio learning support for JWplayer plugin
#33561: Revamped Backend dashboard
#33685: Allow admin Assign user to a course.
#33748: Show all activities done by a user on My dashboard
#33749: Question bank view for Admin
#33753: Revamped Quiz UI
#33766: Show like / Dislike button on lesson landing page
#34008: Allow user to add note against lesson
#34009: Allow user to add comment against lesson
#34011: Allow user to add lesson to his private list
#33750: Show categories list and tags below course title on course landing page
#34010: Show Group discussions on Course landing page
#33910: Show "Taught By" for Course
#33769: Box api toolbar ( shown on PPT and Document lessons) responsive
#33863: Pin layout, Fixed height pin layout, List layout support for "All courses" menu
#33864: Es badges for course


Bugs Fixed :

#33687: Ordering not getting save for lesson on drag drop
#33752: vimeo player not working issue
#33897: update passed/ failed for the quiz in lesson track
#34012: HTML tags disappears when tried to save course description
#34013: Can not Launch lesson on FIrefox
#34014: Search plugin doesn't work. After enabling it, it shows blank page
#33955: Not able to focus on any input box while creating lesson on Firefox
#33954: Not able to save radio type fields while creating lesson

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