Quick2cart 2.2 Stable

Released on: Tuesday, 09 September 2014 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

In Quick2Cart 2.2 We have introduced country and region manager.
This change affects JGive and JTicketing and also It improves country and region manager for Quick2cart.
So, if you have already installed JTicketing, JGive then - In that case you need to upgrade both JTicketing and JGive.

New Installation Instructions -

  1. Backup your Joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before installation
  2. Install com_tjfields (1_com_tjfields_v1.1_rev44.zip) first
  3. & then com_quick2cart (2_com_quick2cart_v2.2_rev_1880_j2.5.x-j3.x.zip)
  4. Note that, by default we only enable the commonly needed extensions. Depending on what you are using, enable the needed plugins. The Document below describes the various extensions installed as part of the Quick2Cart package.

Upgrading Instructions -

  1. Take a backup any changes you have made to Quick2cart code / language files / view overrides etc .
  2. Backup your joomla site using tools like Akeeba Backup before upgrade
  3. Install com_tjfields (1_com_tjfields_v1.1_rev44.zip) first
  4. & then com_quick2cart (2_com_quick2cart_v2.2_rev_1880_j2.5.x-j3.x.zip)

Basic Configuration after installation  -

  1. Go to Quick2cart option-> set different option according to your requirement and save the component options.
  2. Also, Set different ACL permissions for registered user from Quick2cart option->Permission tab (eg Create,Edit Own,Edit State).
  3. Make sure you have enabled "System - Techjoomla - Assets Loader" and set all option to YES. This minimises the Jquery conflicts.
  4. If you are using Zoo component to create Quick2cart products, make sure that you are using latest zoo version ( greater than 3.2.x).
  5. For taxation and shipping support, Enable Shipping and Taxation option from Quick2cart option-> checkout tab. And make sure that you have enabled "Taxation - Default Zone based Taxation" and "Default Zone based Shipping Provider" plugins from plugin manager. After this, you need to set up Zone, Tax rates, Tax Profiles, Shipping Methods, Shipping Profiles.
  6. Now, You have to add configured Tax Profile and Ship Profile against products.
  7. Old shipping and taxation plugin support has been removed. For this you can to use latest shipping and taxation fature as specified in above point 5. 


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