SocialAds 3.0.1 Stable

Released on: Monday, 12 May 2014 19:26

Release notes and changelog:

Changelog for v3.0.1

+ Features added

  • Feature #28425: Frontend ACL support

- Bugs fixed

  • Bug #28139: Duplicate ads seen for modules of same zone
  • Bug #28149: Billing info pop up redirecting to edit ad view.
  • Bug #28159: Ad not clickable when integrated with jlike.
  • Bug #28216: Notice on module if ads fetched are present in static vari
  • Bug #28241: 100% coupon if applied to any AD the credits column is set to 0.
  • Bug #28256: following JS errors on techjoomla demos site
  • Bug #28283: config "Show registration form to guest users" not saving properly
  • Bug #28352: socialads sh404 plugin redirecting all internal urls to home page
  • Bug #28142: Show payment gateway html when there is only one gateway
  • Bug #28430: Add default user group config while adding new user


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