SocialAds 3.0 Stable

Released on: Tuesday, 29 April 2014 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

Changelog for v3.0

+ Features added

  • Feature #15392: Better Bootstrap Implementation
  • Feature #20264: responsive ads refer ticket #7266
  • Feature #24796: Cancel button during ad creation
  • Feature #26691: user data caching for ad display
  • Feature #8070: Ajax Ad Rotation
  • Feature #17621: Ads caching
  • Feature #21644: One page checkout for SA
  • Feature #21645: invoice for SA
  • Feature #21646: tax handling in SA
  • Feature #21653: MultiSite Ad Delivery
  • Feature #21726: Tabbed Bootrapped Create Ad Creation Wizard Interface
  • Feature #15393: Basic ACL for SocialAds
  • Feature #21648: Backend Ad Creation/Editing
  • Feature #21652: Joomla based auto update support
  • Feature #27263: Send payment information to advertiser and admin on adding money in wallet
  • Feature #28428: EasySocial Support

- Bugs fixed

  • Bug #26334: Issue regarding with the filter/Search of date
  • Bug #26327: Issue regarding enable the advertise on site only
  • Bug #26316: To check the maximum chars For title and description in manage zones
  • Bug #26315: Check the Dimension of images in The manage zones
  • Bug #26307: Issue related to the Edit adds
  • Bug #26377: SQL Error in dashboard view (Back-end)
  • Bug #26318: Check for the Pricing zone information in manage zones.
  • Bug #26397: Issue regarding backend ad order search
  • Bug #10566: promote plgs populating ad fields even if there ae no groups/events
  • Bug #12994: ads per click exceeding their limit
  • Bug #16822: The Sort in mange ads at backend not working
  • Bug #17750: convert JRequest::get into getApplication()->input
  • Bug #12115: DO NOT allow any other characters other then alpha in settings refer ticket #5066
  • Bug #18488: update ad not working for alternate ad.
  • Bug #18268: layout not saved on edit ad
  • Bug #18501: date range for prefill value while edit ad not working.
  • Bug #12452: zero amount is calculated when editing the ad on build ad view (see screenshot)
  • Bug #15816: alert Error in call ajaxUpload on create Ad view
  • Bug #27973: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'collapse' with jomsocial toolbar


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