Quick2cart 2.1 Beta 1 Beta

Released on: Thursday, 13 February 2014 05:30

Release notes and changelog:

Compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and 3.1.x.

Following are some known issues in v2.1 Beta1, we will fix them in next betas

Bug #20641: save Quick2Cart Options on CCK product/item is saved
Bug #23372: bootstrap.j3.css file is loading for joomla j3.0 and greater
Bug #25765: add language constant for hard code string in other javascript code
Bug #25844: while edit product :: cloning is not working for attribure (two remove button seen side by side)
Bug #25929: on install found notice
Bug #25934: on product page :: preview button is not looking like other buttons
Bug #25943: CCk add attribute:: on clone attribute option, old option name copied to new. (Clear while cloning)
Bug #25944: mini add2cart popup seen in wrong position if the product has multiple buy instances on a page
Bug #25945: cck on save attribute:: add button save, save and close, close
Bug #25946: on add product page :: if purchase require is set to no then hide download count and expiry date fields
Bug #25948: my download page :: user should get download count in multiple of quantity
Bug #25949: While editing the media file :: unable to update download cont from -1 to 10
Bug #25952: for adaptive payment plugin:: what if one store owner use bank detail instead of paypal eamil
Task #25748: quick2cart.xml :: add default parameter value

Changelog for v2.1 Beta1


Feature #25191: paid e-product download support
Feature #21512: Direct payments to vendors and commission share to Admins via PayPal Adaptive
Feature #25957: mini add2cart popup on buy now
Feature #21480: compo config to define format of amount display
Feature #15931: Use color coding for order status
Feature #20240: add terms and condition check on checkout
Feature #23173: add sku field for all CCK products
Feature #23778: Merchandise sales report with CSV export
Feature #24982: jQuery validation on checkout form
Feature #25035: Add middle name field for checkout form
Feature #25078: create store related coupon in admin side when Multivendor is ON

Bug #20446: store create coupon :: product auto suggest is not working for site (pls check link )
Bug #20447: store coupon applied accross all site instead of applying for store products
Bug #20686: Quick2Cart K2 Plugin:: Item Name not default prefilled as name of k2 item
Bug #20967: My Payouts:: when no payouts display as in descrip
Bug #21122: Remove quick2cart.css from all view except (pop up view). As we are loaded in system plugin
Bug #21131: Add currency on payouts form
Bug #21132: Change the form fields sequence of add product form
Bug #21162: For order list view :: pagination is not visible
Bug #22198: payment form not seen when tax is Off.. see errors
Bug #22908: Sql error when we try to complete order from my order menu
Bug #22943: IF store owner are from joomla's users table then store name and created by is not showing
Bug #23140: Unable to create product with 0 price using com_content (check is there is issue or not)
Bug #23175: CCK :on off status of product does not affecting on product display
Bug #23199: When multivendior is OFF:: dont send vendor Email
Bug #23437: Unable to extent k2 content with q2c
Bug #23489: payout list select box does not display .
Bug #23752: on product page :: discountprice doesn't display
Bug #23753: out of stock option is not working
Bug #23825: for module detail view:: total amount value get rounded
Bug #23885: Unable to remove dicount price
Bug #23928: Toolbar styling affected
Bug #23935: changes for OnAfterq2cRemovefromCart plugin trigger"
Bug #24065: error on sales report
Bug #24163: helper getProductLink function change for com_content link
Bug #24186: backend filter select box size affecting
Bug #24189: showing current filter direction to all column in order view and coupon view
Bug #24374: when component param for terms and conditon is set to NO, javascript error is found
Bug #24546: after saving the product from frontend forund error :: To add a product, categories are not found. Please contact to administrator.
Bug #24548: checkout page :: checkout heading affecting on layout. Registration tab headting size change
Bug #24570: backend vendor view is not working for j2.5
Bug #24718: on new coupon :: prefill all values are prefill , unable to create new coupon ( just check found then do - frontend and beckend)
Bug #24919: For store order detail page:: order price should be equal to store's subtotal instead of order total
Bug #24969: on change store order status to confirm:: order status doesn't confirm (even if all order item statu is confirm)
Bug #24974: breaks the javascripton on cartcheckout page :: In javascript use double quotes for language constant instead of single quote.
Bug #25029: Confict Quick2cart categrory Link and all product link
Bug #25209: update db error on order detail view, when applied coupon is expired/unpublished
Bug #25503: on edit product via content /zoo :: attributes are disappears
Bug #25553: fatal error on add to cart in IE 9
Bug #25588: When we add illegal string (https://techjoomla.com)in vanity URL , it continiously prompting an error msg( SEE DES)
Bug #25655: on checkout page- on after edit details- no order is placed (in case of terms and condition present)
Bug #25746: rearrange component params & add default param for currency symbol
Bug #25766: Store order :: filter status applies on order intead of order item
Bug #25768: on backend dashboard view:: undefined index notice
Bug #25785: order does placed even if SESSION time is expired
Bug #25822: Max uses per user Coupon expires in Order summary tab
Bug #25891: remove cart not working
Bug #25904: edit coupon, not populating items when multivendor ON
Bug #25927: error on auto suggest in coupons
Bug #25931: frontend edit coupons not saving
Bug #25935: For guest checkout :: after confirm, when we open order detail page from email - saying you are not authorized to view
Bug #25951: In order view. tax and shipping amount is shown as 0. although the final amount do consider the calculation of both
Bug #25953: admin edit coupon store not pre-selected

Task #16611: add trigger Onq2cOrderDelete on order delete
Task #21391: modify OnBeforeq2cAdd2Cart trigger
Task #22904: Creating Add to cart API
Task #22924: On change of user field select box :: hide option (onchange , depending upon database value) (frontend and backend)
Task #23154: Allow to add [key] = value field in order's extra field
Task #23156: Allow to attach attachment while email send
Task #23193: on save of zoo save btn product info should save ( not saving SKU and newly added fields )
Task #23251: add component param to send send_payments_to_store owner
Task #23583: J3.2 conversion
Task #23936: Handling user fields for joomla CCK products
Task #24154: consider when payment tab is not there and present condition
Task #24165: change trigger OnAfterq2cOrder
Task #24191: sales report:: search by name facility
Task #24193: add tirgger :: after save product - helper function
Task #24205: On store home page :: module display (from same store etc) the use module space
Task #24276: remove JREQUEST AND JRequest::setVar
Task #24684: Unable to change store from manage coupon
Task #24920: On checkout page :: remove validation msg
Task #24983: while using validation.js - found error
Task #24990: JREQUEST changes for - Create front vendor view
Task #25206: Coupons :: if coupon items kept empty, then apply to all products from cart for that store
Task #25208: changes for 'coupon items kept empty' when multivendor is OFF
Task #25690: Add page title for all views
Task #25881: Add newly added exta parameter in cck conten pluign for joomla,K2,Flexi like zoo
Task #25882: Add modified plugin and add modified code to call processPayment plugin function
Task #25892: Change version name to 2.1 and date
Task #25917: on add product pagae(CCK and native QTC):: change currency textbox class span1 to input-mini (compatible to J3.2.2)
Task #25925: change strapper, FOF,Plugin

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