JTicketing 1.3 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 31 January 2013 16:24

Release notes and changelog:

+Features Added (5)

13541 Integration with Jevents

10944 Ability to add payout reports manually from backend

10944    Admin can change the status of order From Backend

13151 Sorting Given on orders report,Sales report and all major reports on order id and other fields

14081 Event Admin now can create Free tickets

14403 more configuration options for orderid and payment related settings.  

^ Tasks implemented (2) 

14405 Add configuration for  Allow Guest to register when buying ticket

14406 Add configuration for Enable bootstrap on Frontend  

  14407 Send payments directly to Event Owner/Creator   without Site Admin getting any commissions( Works only in case of Paypal Payment Gateway) 

  -Bugs fixed(2) 

13681 If at a time of creating event user attach more type with everything is blank in type fields that time it insert black data in database

12660 save PDF in UTF format

Version: 1.3
Date Added: 2013-01-31 10:54:39
Downloads: 43

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