SocialAds 2.0 Beta1 Beta

Released on: Sunday, 30 January 2011 07:17

Release notes and changelog:

The Big Beta of SocialAds that you have been waiting for is finally out in the wild for those willing to test it out. Its very near stable atleast for the JomSocial release. We still want some help testing the CB integration. Our closed beta testers bug reports are already fixed & hence we now present it to you. All our loyal customers who have been very patient with us with this release. All active subscribers can download the Beta.

Note that this is a Beta & not for live sites. Priority Support is only for stable releases. Bugs should be reported via tickets. Note that we cant give immediate resolution for any Bugs. They will be entered in our Bug tracker & a tracker id shall be given to you & they will be fixed in the next Beta release. We should be up to a stable release after maximum 3 beta releases.

Here's a quick run down of what 2.0 will offer you

1. Community Builder Integration Option
2. Charge per day
3. Fuzzy & Exact Mapping option for Text fields & Targeting Engine Revamp
4. Quick Stats in the Approve Ads view
5. View Ignores & Ignore Stats
6. Offline Payment methods
7. Guest Ads


Download release files:

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