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Sneak peek into the EasySocial mobile App

A few weeks back the EasySocial forum was buzzing with discussions about a Mobile App for EasySocial. Seeing that so many of you want the app, we jumped on the task and got busy writing the app. With our previous release of the JTicketing app and the APIs to go with that, we felt working on this app will be a fantastic addition to EasySocial. This also gave us a good  chance to further enrich the APIs.

Currentlythe app is under active development, however we thought we'd tease you just enough with some screenshots. The first release of the app will support the newsfeed, status update, commenting, sharing, likes, viewing/editing you profile and avatar uploads. We are still working with the EasySocial team on the APIs for this app, however you can see that once it comes out this promises to be an exciting addition for EasySocial.

 So here it goes.. the screenshots that you have been waiting for..

Hope this gives a good insight into what's coming, and of course your encouraging comments will ensure that we push harder and get the app out soon! So get the feedback going - what features would you like to see the the future releases of the app ?

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