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  3. Tuesday, 11 March 2014
SocialAds 3.0 Alpha is here for Testing -

- Works on Joomla 2.5.x & Joomla 3.2.x
- This alpha release may differ from the upcoming stable product.
- This is an early alpha with some known issues
- Please do not install it on your live site.
- You are advised to use & test this on development sites.

Installation and setup

- We recommend you use a fresh joomla 3.2.x site, where SocialAds is being installed for first time.

So, what does this alpha has for you to test -

1. MultiSite Ad Delivery
a. Goto SocialAds backend, Manage Zones view
b. Click on your published zone
c. Copy & paste the generated widget code to your other website , where you want to show ads.

2. Ads & User data caching
a. Ads are cached in Cookies.
b. User data is cached in session.

3. Tabbed Bootraped Create Ad Creation Wizard
4. Basic Tax Support & Invoicing

Known issues - [we are working on all known issues]
1. Error when sending mail on order placement
2. Unless the advertiser is redirected to Manage Ad view, the same ad details will be prefilled Ad creation wizard.
3. In Create Ad view, credits quantity, renewal days and daily budget is accepting negative value.
4. On Buy More credits, the pricing tab is not loaded as default tab on Ad creation wizard.

What this alpha does not have -
Backend Ad creation
Responsive Ads
Basic ACL

How to report the bugs :
- You can report bugs / submit feedback in this thread itself.
- Make sure you write the Subject like with " SocialAds 3.0 alpha -- Issue title here"
- Try & see if someone has posted a similar issue & post follow ups to it before you post a new issue