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  4. Saturday, 16 April 2016
I currently have two levels of product categories to navigate through before reaching Q2C products.

Top Level Categories
-2nd level Subcategories
--Q2C products.

I currently call (via menu item) both the top level and 2nd level Categories by Joomla Category Blog view. These are images and titles only for navigation purposes. My goal is to load these category blog views (com_content) into the corresponding native com_q2c category views. I've been searching on how to accomplish this but have come about as close as these two threads -

Any help assisting my learning process on how to accomplish this would be very much GREATLY appreciated as this is the last obstacle I need to accomplish before I can launch my site (been a long 3 years of development). If I need to hack the core and log the changes for future updates then I am just fine with that.

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